Thursday, December 2, 2010

Teens and the Inbetweens..........

 After a lovely day of visiting with my Father, baking cornbread muffins, going to the grocery store, and making dinner so the Hubby could work, I decided my knee was  DONE for the evening.   I went downstairs climbed into my bed with and ice pack, turned on the television, and thought I would relax.

  Ian, my middle son had other plans, he decided to climb into bed with me and cuddled for all of a split second. His true way of expressing love is like every other 12 yr old boys.........wrestling, tickling, hitting with pillows, and even biting (albeit gently) his MOTHER.  Did I mention I just had knee surgery 2 weeks ago??  So I did what every Mother would do in that situation.....................I fought back!  

  As soon as I thought our play time had ended, I pulled up the menu for our DVR and started to watch a program that I enjoy.  To his dismay it was WAY too girlie for him, so he proceeded to dance in front of the TV, wave his arms, and make a ton of noise so that I was unable to even hear the program.  I insisted he stop, and that only made him do it all the more!  (at this point I need to remind you that my brace is off my knee and I am icing it because it is swollen, so I can't just jump out of bed and put him in a head lock!)  If all of this weren't bad enough,  He has this little monkey that makes "monkey" noises when you push the button on his back and his eyes are the BRIGHTEST  LED lights I have ever seen in my whole life.

  First he shines it in my eyes and just about blinds me for life.........I think I still am seeing spots when I close my eyes!  Then he starts tormenting Sugar, my Rottweiler with it.  She is completely neurotic when it comes to laser light or flash lights and will chase them all over the house as long as you are willing to play with her.  Then she spends the next half hour looking for the "spot" to show up again so she can pounce on it.

  Somehow I convinced him that getting her crazed in my little bedroom was probably not the best idea he ever had, so he starts turning off all the lights in  the room.  Next, he starts flashing his light over and over like a strobe making techno music with his mouth, and in beat to the Monkey EEKKING......and his only lyrics are "Monkey light rave!"  If any of you watch, or have boys that watch Strong Bad on  you find this HYSTERICAL!  

  Why am I telling you all of this?  To remind myself that Teens and Tweens are not ALL bad, and that I can still enjoy the sweet, tender, playful, hysterically funny, and even meaningful times every once in a while.  I will skip the story of how it ended with my Daughter crying, and her Father getting annoyed............and right now just enjoy how  my lovely "little" boy made me laugh, to the point of crying this evening!  Laughter like that is GOOD for the soul.