Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Office Transformation.

I am being EXTREMELY brave, and showing you one of the worst rooms of our house!  (Not counting the garage)  

When we combined households, by moving into my childhood home with my Parents a 1 1/2 years ago.  We gained space in some rooms, like the childrens bedrooms for instance, and lost space by having to combine our home offices.

We built counter tops in an L shape to accommodate three people.  My Husband, My Mother, and I all spend a significant amount of time in this room. 

In July of 2009 we had two garage sales, unpacked a home, registered the kids for school for the first time in their lives, signed up for a new football team, and combined two homes, all in one short month!  As usual, time whirls past at break neck speed!  The office took a back seat to the never ending onslaught of "drama" otherwise know as "life"!  Cancer treatment, broken bones, dislocated knees, surgeries, medical procedures, Cataract surgery,  you name it!  With a family of never seems to end.  BUT God is good!  Everyone is doing relatively well at the moment.  PTL!
Now that I can walk, and bend somewhat better that before, the office has been driving me mad.  So we finally cleaned up our messes.

I figured I would start the pictures with this word, because you are going to need that positive mental image before seeing the "before" pictures in all their glory!

This is my Mom's side of the office.

Are you afraid yet?
This is my space.  It isn't usually this bad....but I was sorting...........AHEM....moving on........
The shelves above my Husband's space.  He like the Japanese Zen kind of feeling......CAN'T you tell?!!  We packed up the Kabuki dolls.  There is NO hope of him having a Zen space in this office EVER!  LOL
All the books from the shelves and some that were randomly scattered elsewhere, waiting to be placed neatly BACK on the shelves.
The empty and now CLEAN shelves.
Boxes waiting to be sorted for over a year now.
It's MAGNIFICENT isn't it?  

Now on to the AFTER pictures!  Bet you couldn't wait to get past the BEFORE.
AHHH....I can breathe again!
Not only do we have tidy and organized shelves...My Darling Husband just bought me one of the pod coffee makers, so I don't have to trek up and down the stairs all the time.  I still have a VERY difficult time with stairs, especially if my hands are full.
This thing ROCKS!  It makes a lovely cup of almost espresso like coffee because it doesn't ruin the crema.
All the papers are neatly filed away in the filing cabinet!  Novel idea isn't it?!
Mom can actually get to her keyboard now!
Did you know there was a printer behind all of the papers and mail? 
Hubby's work space, with the kid's galaxy art from years ago now on display!
Mom's spot again.
My area.
My Memo board, and a basket I am still not sure what to do with.
It isn't fancy, or nicely decorated.....but it is TIDY!!!  YAY!!!!!
We got all this accomplished in one weekend!  See what we can do when we put our minds to it?  I can't believe we waited so long!  Now, I look forward to spending time in this room, instead of dreading coming in here. 

Keeping It Simple