Monday, December 20, 2010

All Decked Out!

 I figured I didn't have much time to share the Christmas decorations from around the house, so I would post TWICE in ONE day.  My grocery and present shopping isn't complete yet either, so this will be my last post until after Christmas Day.    I will start with the Foyer.

I decided to use the metal wall pocket here next to the key rack that hangs by the back door.  It usually holds the dog leashes, but I have stored them away for the holidays.  I filled the wall pocket with a holly garland that we had in storage.

This is where I hung the garland from the thrift store.  I really like the way it looks with the candles lit.

The gold frames from the Salvation Army, that cost 65cents each!

Joy and Noel signs found at the Thrift store.  I thought worked well here in the foyer. 
With the help of my Hubby I created these on the computer to put inside the frames.  Do you recognize the background image?  I just had to use it again, I absolutely LOVE it.  I think they turned out VERY elegant.

 Now on to the living room!  

I made the Christmas music candles, inspired by Just following Jesus in my real life I aged mine using some water color pigments.  Stark white just doesn't work well in the living room with it's more Old World theme. 

I like the way they turned out with an aged look.  I suppose I could have tea stained them as well, but that would have taken more steps.

Our Old World Saint Nicholas looks wonderful here sitting on top of the piano. 

The shelves above the piano. 

I told you my Mom likes dolls.....  :)

Before I added the sheet music candles, but you get the idea.

The frame with my cuties in there now!

I added another DOLL for my Mother, she can't EVER say I don't love her....LOL  She looks sweet in the sleigh though.

My first Christmas "cloche"

Here is Santa from our treasure hunt, in my Mother's Christmas tree.

My children decorated the trees this year, because I am still recovering from knee surgery.  I am amazed at the outstanding job they did!  My BOYS did the lions share of the work.

The kids decorating the tree.

Douglas putting the angel on the tree! 

Truth is today they were making me CRAZY, but when I look at these pictures I am reminded that they really are great kids!  How many kids would do this, for a perfectionist Mother, willingly, without complaint??  Thank You Jesus, for blessing me with such amazing kids!

Here is where the garland on the red rope wound up.  It worked out well for the top of the China cabinet.

I HAD to show you this piece of decor.  It tickles me more than any of them, because My little girl put this together while I was at the grocery store.  When I came home, I was so distracted that I didn't really realize what she was telling me she had done. I barely glanced in that direction.   The following day, after I had gotten the kids off to school is when I REALLY noticed what she had done.  It brought tears to my eyes when I  realized she is EMULATING  me, and I didn't even take the time to notice.  Again, a very humbling experience.  I am constantly reminded how important it is to stop and listen to what my children have to say.

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This is my favorite Christmas decoration, for many reasons. Being a Christian, the nativity scene is very important to me.  This Nativity, however,  is the one I grew up with and played with as a child.  My Mother at one point replaced it, and during my teen years we used a white bisque porcelain nativity.  It was rather modern and trendy at the time. Many years passed, I became the main decorator of both households, and I came across our old one while unpacking decorations.  It has a music box on the back that plays Away in a Manger.  I wanted to use it desperately, but after unpacking it, I noticed that Joseph was missing.  We couldn't find just a Joseph figurine that was the right scale or color scheme. After lots of searching my Mother found the entire Holy Family on ebay and they look perfect!  I have so many memories of acting out the Christmas story with the figurines when I was a child, that this nativity is Very dear to me!  Recently, I have found my Daughter playing with it as well, and dancing ballerina style to the music box!  

  Now on to the Family room! 

The top of the fridge in the family room.  I am still giddy about these finds.  Every time I look over at this little vignette it puts a smile on my face!

Snowflakes are the main theme of this tree.  I love snowflakes and snowmen!

My Love putting the lights on the tree for me.  Even though I grew up with multicolored lights, I prefer white lights.  Go Figure...........

Sorry some of these pictures are so blurry.  They are from my iPhone.

Again, my Children decorated our tree in the family room.  It turned out beautiful!

A gift from a family we used to attend church with. 

The three stockings in the middle were thrift store finds, still looking for two more to replace the other stockings on the end.

My Mother found this tree skirt a few years back.  I absolutely love it.  It has all the colors I love to decorate with.  Cranberry, Forest Green, Olive Green, Silver, and Gold it shouldn't be a surprise that Autumn is my favorite time of year.

 I hope you have enjoyed your tour of our home.  I really do enjoy decorating for the holidays!  Many Blessings to all of you this Holiday season.  I pray you all take time to slow down for at least a little while, cuddle with the ones you love, and just enjoy each other.  
                                                                      Merry Christmas!  Paula