Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why I Love Texas

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and for the most part I really loved it there.  Most of my family still lives there and I figured I always would too. Chicago has great food,  there is always something to do, I have lots of childhood friends there. The city is beautiful. Full of art and rich culture.  I never really thought about leaving..... Rewind about 2.5 years ago. After being self employed in a terrible economy, my Husband accepted a job offer in a town just North of San Antonio.   I was sad and a bit reluctant, but I was excited to see all what God had in store for us,  I never expected what would happen.......  I fell in LOVE with TEXAS!  Not just "I like it here."  "I LOVE it here!"

Why do I LOVE Texas, you ask?  There are more reasons that I could list, but I'm gonna try!!  It might take me a while.....  Texas is a HUGE state!  So here goes, in NO particular order.

 Rusty trucks

 Cowgirl boots 

My Birthday Present last year

Rusty roofs and rundown barns


State flower and favorite place to get your picture taken

Cowboy hats

Ready for the Daddy Daughter Dance

 Blinged out belts
 Blinged out flip flops
 Well....just BLING

Hot sunshine and cool rivers

Playing in the Guadalupe River

 Hill country

Hamilton Pool

 Drives in the country

Friendly people
Christianity is still acceptable (including in school)

The Alamo

BBQ.....even though I'm not a big meat eater, I have to admit it's pretty fantastic!

Favorite weekend pastime

The River Walk

Fiesta San Antonio

Sweet Tea
Our Church

At our friend's ranch after a day of swimming in the Bear Creek, notice the gun in my Hubby's hand? We just finished target shooting.  LOL!

Gearing up for VBS

photo credit Becki Babcock

My Husband and Pastor baptizing my Son last summer

Football is a religion
My Sons

Mountain Laurel

The flowers smell like grape gum

Amazing Sunsets
My backyard

The Gulf

Mustang Island State Park

You can eat outside all year......

February 2012 our churches Valentine's Day dinner


Dia De Los Muertos
Halloween 2012

There is so much more........but I don't want to gush or anything!  I am blessed beyond measure and thank God daily for bringing my family here. We have so many more adventures ahead of us and I can't wait to continue exploring this great state.   Heaven is my home, but I sure don't mind passing the rest of my time on earth in Texas!

Blessings!! <3 Paula