Thursday, February 10, 2011

1000 Things Part 1

  Here is the start of my 1000 things of gratitude.  Not sure how long it will take is what I have today

1000.  The moment I shared with Ian of repentance and answered prayer.
999.  His tender heart
998.  His willingness to learn.
997.  The letter he just wrote to me that I will treasure for the rest of my life.
996.  Great Christian blogs that inspire me to pick back up where I am today and jump back into life.
995.  My Husband and his love for us.
994.  My Husband's ability to be himself with me, and share the best he can...his heart.
993.  Julie Meyers song "Paint your Picture"
992.  My Children asking for a meeting place in Heaven.
991.  A Husband who will push me when I need it, but not too hard.
990.  God's faithfulness and provision.
989.  Family who are also my friends.
988.  A warm and lovely home.
987.  Hard working Children, who strive to give their best.
986.  Not having to fight with my kids about going to church, or reading the bible,  they LONG for God even more than I do.
985.  That my kids are better than me.
984.  My bible study.
983.  Erin posting some wonderful pictures of my baby on Facebook.  We lost most of her baby pictures when our house was robbed.
982.  Family who are also my best friends.
981.  Being in my 30's.....I LIKE being in my 30's
980.  Lessons learned in the last 2 yrs.  Even the really hard and hurtful ones.  They have brought much wisdom.

How about a few pictures of the people I am most grateful for....That I pray the most often for.....That I have so much hope for....  Well, If you insist.  

I had to include Sister in Law just posted them on Facebook recently.

If you remember the kids in the hall you understand what my son, Doug is doing here.  "I'm squishing your head!"

Can you see where Ian gets his Acting from?  "Say hello to my little friend!"

Their very first day EVER in public School.

They take amazing pictures together!

Always picking at the baby.

These are just airsoft pistols.  Don't fret.  Can you tell my boys like fire arms?

Ian....Just being Ian.  Cool and confident.  Unshakable.

This IS Lexi....always posing!!!!  She is beautiful for sure.....please, don't tell her that!

My man Ian and his fedora....he is rarely seen without one.  Only at school because of the No hat policy! 

When he sees this picture......Let's just say .......I hope he doesn't!

V-dub!  IN the HOUSE!!

Two tickets to the gun show.

The only way I get a picture of when he is being gooffy!

scary wipe out last summer.

Always a tough exterior, without a tear in sight.

He was miserable.....and it was hysterical!  Powder Puff football game.  Boy cheerleaders!

One of the most feared linemen in pee wee football.  CRACKS me up!!  Look at that baby face!

Douglas , the oldest....reserved, and uncomfortable being in the spotlight the one with the most responsibility heaped on him.  Lexi, the baby....with a thousand watt smile and always ready to perform.  Ian my "middle" child, very calm and self assured, always confident and able. 

My Favorite "Men"

Even their costumes reveal their personality!

This picture cracks me up, because this wasn't rehearsed.  Doug was taking the picture and yelled "fire in the hole!"  This is what Ian and Chris did simultaneously.  

  I purposely picked all of these pictures, because they capture each of my loved ones personality and are not overly posed.  Each one of these precious people are so unique, they bring joy and light to my life.  I will forever be grateful for the gift of "them"   

Blessings <3 Paula