Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Cuteness!

  Two Blog posts in one day!!??  Did I clean my Daughter's room you ask??  No.  No I did not.  I didn't do much today, but I DID decide to take pictures of my simple and thrifty Valentine's table.  I am linking up with Marty at A Stroll Through Life
 And Between Naps on the Porch

Today has been a very Linky day for me! :)  

 Anyway, you might remember the silver candle holders I found at the Goodwill.....Both of the center pieces I found at the Salvation Army.  I love the Cake plate, it is Red and Gold leafed and I just love it!!  

  The hearts came from Hobby Lobby, and the wreath I have had forever.....It is actually a garland that I wound into a wreath for this vignette.  

I LOVE sparkly things!! 

You can't tell in the photo....but the garland is kind of sparkly too!

Do you remember these candle sticks from my Goodwill finds?  I though they worked well on the Game table.  I like the red Candles for Valentine's Day!  Still needs something else though....

More Love.....greeting you at the doorway!

Inspired by The Soladay Family

I found these frames at Michaels for $2 each and I had a 20% off coupon!  The rest is scrapbook paper and stickers!  I put these together in a matter of minutes! 

A much outdated picture.  But it was from a Valentine's Day Banquet at our Church.  

  Today I am thankful for all the people that I LOVE!! 

Be Blessed!  <3 Paula

Real Messes........

  I am linking my post to Decor Chick today.  Unfortunately there are many rooms in my house that look like this one, but I only have the energy to tackle one room at a time.  

  This is what my Daughter's room looks like.  Minus the Christmas tree, it is the only thing that we did take care of last week, oh yeah.......and We returned the Cheer Uniform too!


  Her closet is VERY scary......

  Are you scared yet??  I know I am........
 Here is the rest of her unruly room.

 Well there you have it, in all it's glory.  I took these photos over a week ago now, because I was going to post before and after pictures......... Hehehe........and it still looks like this today.

  No matter how much we all like having things in order and our homes looking showroom beautiful, the truth is......LIFE happens.  Kids make messes......HECK, Adults make messes!  People work, kids have finals, sports, school functions, we have plans for both weekend days.........and everything in between!     

  Anyway one last picture..........

  This is what it looks like outside would be a perfect day to clean up that mess!  That is if we don't decide to drink hot coco, watch a movie and snuggle with the kids..........Who knows?    Be Blessed!  <3 Paula