Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All Systems Go!

  Well folks tomorrow is THE day!  I can't wait to just have all of this behind me.  During the last 7 months I have definitely developed a new appreciation for people with disabilities.  It is amazing the everyday activities you take for granted when you are well.  I can honestly tell you I will never take for granted the ability to climb stairs or get on the floor with my Daughter ever again.

  I missed out on a ton of fun with my kids this summer and I will never get that year back with them.  They are growing so fast, and I want to enjoy every moment that God grants me with them to the fullest.  

  Unless you have experienced something like this, it is hard to fully understand the frustration I have been dealing with for the better part of a year.  I am just so Thankful to hopefully be heading in the direction of putting this all behind me.  

  I can't go into surgery without thanking everyone who has helped me through this time in my life.  All of my friends with kind words, my family close and distant for their prayers and loving words, MaryLynn for sending me to Dr. Bare,  my Husband for picking up the slack around the house and running about a gillion miles up and down the stairs for me, and Mostly Jesus for answering my prayers and sending me the help that I needed from a most unexpected place.  

  I will keep you all posted on how things are going, and how my repaired knee is blessing my family and me daily!  God is good.........hopefully so is this Doctor ;)  LOL

BLESSINGS and Thanks to you all!  xoxoxox 


  1. Hey Paula, when is your actual surgery? I have been praying off and on for you and the struggles you've been encountering. I'd like to be in prayer during your surgery as well.

    I haven't been on Facebook for a few days now, and so I don't know if you've posted what is up with Erich, but I've been praying for him too :)

    I'm glad you're addicted to sharing your life with the Facebook world, because it helps me feel connected to your family. And I like that :)

  2. Hey Laura, my surgery is TODAY at 3! I know it seems silly to be this excited about it, but I can't wait to have some kind of normalcy in my life again.

    Erich has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, an autoimmune disorder that attacks your digestive system. He is having a CT scan again today to see if they can just drain the abscess in his small intestines or if they need to do surgery to remove the affected area. Your prayers are deeply appreciated, I am very worried about him. :(

    I have missed you on Facebook, but I understand why you would decide to take a break. I have considered doing the same thing, but ever since my knee has been injured I just too afraid I will die from boredom. I enjoy reading about you and the kids, and your family too. It doesn't make the miles between us seem so far. xoxo

  3. Can't wait to see you well and happy again! Please let me know when I can bring the Irish Soda Bread, I love you!


  4. Thanks Nicki, I am already feeling more like my old self, probably because I have hope again! The Soda Bread was Delicious!!

  5. I'm so dumb sometimes :) The very first line of this posting answered my question. I even re-scanned the post before asking my question to be sure it wasn't already answered. I'll blame that on the pregnancy :)

    It sounds like the surgery went well and that you're healing well too. It's good to see such positive progress for you!

    I have known two different people with Chron's. They seem to live a fairly normal life. I don't know either of them well enough to see them on their "down" days, but I hear those are pretty tough-- just very tired. I will pray for him and for your (and his) family as you cope with the life change.


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