Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goodwill and the Community Thrift Store.

  I went shopping with my Mother, Father , and Daughter Lexi this weekend.  We went to the Goodwill and the Community Thrift Store.  I haven't been to the Community Thrift store in years because it's about 20 minutes from our house...........but it was 20 minutes well spent when you see all the cool things we found there.  

  I will start with the Goodwill finds.  

I was able to find 6 of these water goblets.  I grabbed them because I love the color, now I need to find 6 more in either the same color or maybe amber...... at .99 cents ea. I couldn't pass them at

These photos were taken as soon as I got home!  So forgive the dust on them, but I couldn't wait to share them and I wanted to leave the price tags on in order to show how awesome the deals were!  I can't wait to share with you how awesome these look on our game table in the Living room.

I went gaga over the pattern on these glasses.  There were 8 for .99 each so I snatched these up too!

I have plans for this urn too!  I love brown/bronze so this caught my eye clear across the store.

I found a bag full of beaded grapes at the other store and plan to display them, inside this cheese plate/cloche in the kitchen. after I put all the snowmen away for the season.  My kitchen needs serious decorating help...........and counter tops.

The croc box came from the Goodwill, the potpourri came from the Community Thrift store.  I will show you a better picture of that later.  The inside is lined in felt, and it's in great shape

My Daughter found both of these sleighs.  Aren't they great?  I can't wait to use them next Christmas!  This one reminded me of Marty's from A Stroll Through Life I only hope mine ends up looking half as beautiful!

Lexi has good taste!  This one will go perfectly with the colors in the family room.

After my tea party post, My Mother said "why didn't you call me down to join you?"  The thought had crossed my mind at the time, but I realized we only had two of the "one cup" teapots.  So when we saw this one, we HAD to get it!  Now we can have a tea party for three!

Anyone who knows me, knows I have three things I love to collect and look at for endless lengths of time.  Snowflakes, Snowmen, and LEAVES!  Autumn is my favorite season, and also my favorite colors to decorate with.  Our entire house is done in reds, golds, greens, browns, and rust.  I may or may not put these away until the fall. 

These are by far my FAVORITE find!  They were originally from the White Barn Candle Co.  Someone tried to clean them with the wrong thing, and ruined the finish!  Good thing I like them like that!  I think the patina makes them looked aged and really Neat!  The original cost of them were around $20 for the large and $18 for the short.  I got all four for......$8!!  I can't wait to set the dining room table with them!  The candles were ones I had from around the house, but I need to get new ones for the table.  CAN'T WAIT! 

  Okay....that's all for tonight!  I worked all day with my Mother, and I am exhausted!  Now to unwind in the bath tub with some candle light and read a book!  Goodnight all.  Be Blessed!  Paula <3