Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting organized

  I have decided to follow along with Bonnie over at House of Grace

 She introduced us to the book Organize Now, by Jennifer Ford Berry.  It is a 56 wk plan to organize every aspect of your life.  Generally speaking I think of myself as a fairly organized person, but after almost a year of recovering from a knee injury, well......lets just say things have been more organized in the past.  

  I ordered the book a few days ago and couldn't wait for it to come.  The irony is....this is what my third of the office looked like when it arrived.  

I had to clear a spot just to set my book down!

How embarrassing, the salt shaker that contains "spepperlick" never made it back to the kitchen.  (Spepperlick is salt, pepper, and garlic powder) My Husband's word!

  I guess I am in desperate need of this book right now!!!  I am lacking motivation in every way lately.  Money it tight, My husband is looking for a job, my knee isn't doing the greatest, we don't have medical insurance currently, and my spiritual life is not the greatest.

  I looked at week one, and was pleasantly surprised!  Weeks 1-4 are all about organizing yourself! 

I have a head start here.   I started a journal and a two new devotionals at the beginning of the year.  

I am already making it a point to go to the gym.

I don't watch a ton of TV, already.

I schedule "me" time almost nightly with a nice Hot Bath.  I often read a book in there too!

I printed the To Do lists on Bonnie's blog.

I have already vowed I WILL be in CHURCH Sunday morning.  

Now I just need to work on scheduling breaks.

Time to make the schedule that I have been putting off for months now.

De-cluttering is next!  I started right away....

  Nothing earth shattering here....But I recycled a bunch of junk!!  It needs to be de-cluttered even more...and beautified.  But it's a start. :)

Guess it's time for that scheduled break now. 

Peppermint Tea....My favorite!
Here is the link to Amazon with the book.
Hope you join us!

Organize your lif