Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodwill and the Community Thrift Store Part 2

  I spent the late part of the morning and the early part of the afternoon at the gym swimming with the hubby.  After standing on my feet all day yesterday, without any of my arthritis medication, I felt a wreck this when I woke up................

   I forgot to mention in my last post  how we also had a 15% off coupon to the Goodwill and the Goodwill Card gives you another 5% off your total purchase!  If you haven't signed up for a Goodwill card make sure you do so, they often send discount coupons to your e-mail.  They also send you a card at your birthday giving 25% off your entire purchase!

  If you are an avid reader...........the Goodwill is a MUST.  I often find GREAT books for the kids and I.  Most of which cost around 50 cents. I would be broke if I bought all the books for the kids new.  Lexi and Ian read a novel a week at the very least.  Ian often is reading three or four books at a time!!  Could you imagine the expense if I bought all those new??  We use the library too........but I will be honest, I am not the greatest about getting them back on time.  : \

   Okay enough with all are all the cool finds from the Community Thrift Store in, Dundee, Illinois.  Corner of Rt 72 and 25 for those of you in the area.

My Daughter Lexi is 9 and she loves collecting things!  Seashells, Rocks, Glass beads,and dolls.  When we came across this huge bag of seashells we  KNEW it had to come home with us!  This is a picture of us sorting through all that was in there.  Can you believe the cool Starfish??  There were two in the bubble wrap!  all for $4  Totally worth it for the hours of enjoyment it is going to bring her!

There were some really neat polished stones in the bag as well.  I will show you how we have chosen to display them in her room soon!

I love sparkle and bling, mosaic tiles and mirrors......I couldn't pass these up!  I need a pillar candle for the large one and I have plenty of votives for the other.  Can you imagine what they are going to look like lit up from the inside? B-e-a-u-tiful! Both were around $2

My Mother got this to sit on the back of the toilet tank in the upstairs bath to hold some finger towels and tissue box.  It will look lovely in there.  It goes with the tin art work that is hanging on the wall. Perfectly!

Aren't these serving pieces adorable?  They will look terrific on the table holding relishes!  My Mother loves little serving pieces like these.  It is interesting seeing how we mix our two styles together.

Isn't this little "cloche" cute?  It was $1.21.......Now I need to find something cute to put underneath......any ideas?

Oops....These should have made it on the other post.  Oh well.  I am looking for two plate hangers to hang these on the wall in the dinning room next to the mirror,  Or one that holds two plates for a more asymmetrical look.  They aren't anything special or vintage.........But I LOVE the pattern.  

OKAY...........another one of my FAVORITE finds.  I think they are terrific!  But there was a price discrepancy.

This one  you can see is marked $9.19

The original price tag was still on here...........Looks like a hobby lobby tag?  They are in perfect condition.

This one you can see was marked $3.63.  I brought them to the cashier and they gave them both to me for $3.63 TOTAL!!  Isn't that AWESOME???  I still get a rush thinking about it!  As you can tell, I really enjoy getting a DEAL.

I LOVE the Z gallerie.....for $1.61  I couldn't pass up this box of  Potpourri.  I will hang on to it for Summer time.

I bought this for my SIL, it is chipping in a spot so I need to fix it before giving it to her. 

All their Christmas was 50% off and I love the Holy Family pictured above.  Can't wait to use that next year in a vignette.

For my Mother's tree.  It was $.80 after the discount. 

I love milk glass.........these will get plenty of use!

My Auntie Lillian hand painted a deviled egg tray before I was even born.  I inherited it when my Grandmother died.  It was gorgeous in shades of light green and white. I treasured it dearly......... Recently it cracked clear through........I was heartbroken.  When I found this one, I turned it over and no joke, it has the exact same markings on the back as hers.  This was hand painted as well!  Must have been something trendy at the time?? 

I was thrilled!!!  I am still going to keep my Auntie's platter but only use it only for display for sanitary reasons.  But I WILL use this one now. I love the Rooster, and the fact that someone put love and care into painting it.

I only paid .66 cent for this bulletin board that will hang in my Daughter's room.  It is missing a button, so I plan on replacing them all.  Otherwise it is in excellent shape. 

My Mother has a few Christmas themes that we rotate, but we are really lacking table linens.  She recently found a beautiful table cloth on clearance from Better Homes and Gardens.  This runner will work perfectly for the more traditional theme.

This runner will be incredible with the tartan table cloth my Mother has used for years and years.  My Mother was born in Scotland and she does and entire Tartan themed Christmas Tree as well!  I wish I could show you the lovely Bagpiper hand blown glass ornament my SIL's Mother bought her last year!  He is GORGEOUS....but unfortunately packed away now. 

I have BIG plans to throw a Snowman party for the kids by the end of the month! here were 10 of these placemats bundled in fours and one bundled two together.  at .88 for the four and .44 cents for the two....minus the 50% off......$1.20 for all TEN!!  Not a stain on any of them.....I don't think they were ever used!

These are so incredibly Gorgeous!  There were only 6 of them.  They have never been used and are WATERFORD!  Problem is....there are 8 of us at the table daily!  I was heartbroken thinking I would have to pass these up.....Then my Daughter found the ones below...........

They are PERFECT!!!  My little Homemaker in the making....So I will use these at either head of the table!  Can't wait to set it, but we are in the midst of finals, decluttering, and will have to wait until Friday.  :)

Can you believe the fabulousness (I know it isn't a real word.....but I like it)  It was like they were meant to come home with me!!!  At least that is how I like to think about it!

$1.49 each!  Brand to unpack next year!!!

Last but not least.......and unfortunately this didn't photograph well at all. I will be placing it with candles on my (coffee) table...(actually it's a cedar lined trunk that looks like rattan on the outside) we use it to store board games, and I love it, because I grew up with it being used as a coffee table in the 80's.  My Mother was a trend setter!! Anyway..... you can't see it in the picture, I hadn't washed it yet ....but it is kind of sparkly.  I like things that sparkle!

  I hope you enjoyed browsing as much as we did!  My poor Daddy......he came with us and we walked his legs off.  At many points throughout our trip I would find him sitting in a chair patiently waiting for us to move on to the next store. The time spent together was really nice though!  Even though we all live in the same house, I don't often get to spend time with my parents doing something fun.  Life is just way too busy around here!  

  Next week I will show you where I have placed some of these items around our home.  Blessings to you all!  Paula <3 

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