Monday, February 28, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

  On Friday, my husband took our little girl to a Daddy/Daughter dance hosted by the Christian after school club she attends at her school.  They had a blast!  They learned to Swing dance, Cha Cha slide, The Chicken Dance, Square Dance, The Electric slide, and while Daddy was taking a break, Lexi rocked the Hula Hoop!  

  Afterward they stopped at Starbucks for a Hot Chocolate!  They had a wonderful evening together, and I am sure she it will be a cherished memory for them both.  

Okay.........SO on to the long awaited pictures!  

Waiting for her finger nail polish to dry.

Before we flat ironed her hair.

I allowed her to wear a little blush, mascara, and lip gloss!  I never do that....
An up close of her headband, it matches perfectly!

She had the dress and headband from Christmas, but we had to run out and get her new shoes. 

Her Daddy bought her, her first corsage.  He did a good job describing her dress over the phone and the colors were Perfect!  The florist did a great job of making it the right size for her tiny wrist! 

Ready to go!

  She looks just like him, don't you think?  I should have taken a picture of them when they came home.  They weren't so polished looking after all that dancing!  :)  She kicked off her shoes and lay across my lap when she got home!  They had a great time, and I am so happy Chris is the kind of Dad that every little girl deserves.  

  He makes her feel cherished, and special.  She knows she is his little "Princess".  He isn't afraid to be silly and dance with her, or sing to her!  I just LOVE that about him.  She is going to have a hard time finding a man as good as her Daddy.  He set the bar VERY high. He does a great job of modeling her Heavenly Father's love for her. Thank God she has a good example of what she should be looking for in a spouse!