Thursday, January 6, 2011

My first REAL try at couponing!

  I have been wanting to master this whole "couponing" thing for a while now.  For Christmas I got a DVD from my Auntie that teaches you how to be a Super CouponerI learned a LOT from watching it just one time, I need to re-watch it to really make sure I take good notes!  SO....yesterday I spent three hours combing the sales ads from the weekend and Wednesday.

  Something I learned stores send out two fliers a week with different sales items in them...AND they overlap!!  I had NO idea!!!  Maybe you all knew this already, but this is SO exciting to me!

  I also learned that Dominick's takes expired coupons up to a year from the expiration date!  I have been stockpiling my expired coupons for quite some time now, but unfortunately they were all in one I had a BIG mess to sort through!  In the end it was worth it!  

  This is what I took home.....


The Folgers wasn't on sale :(  So I had to pay full price.  BUT I did have a $1 off coupon.

There are 18 cans of Progresso Soup they were on sale for .99 cents a can and I had dollar off coupons for 4 cans.  That is only .74 cents a can! 

The salad was a BOGO so I bought six bags. 

I had a store coupon for the Skippy and a manufacturer coupon so my Peanut Butter was .46 cents!

Bumble Bee White Albacore tuna for .88 cents!

English Muffins and Brownberry Bread were also BOGO's

Gushers fruit snacks were the best deal by far.  The store had them on sale for .99 a box, I had a coupon for a dollar off two boxes!  The store surprised me with an awesome Catalina coupon at the end of my purchase......after every 5 boxes you buy, they give you a $3 off your next purchase Register Reward.  They actually paid me .50 cents to bring these boxes home!!!  
  I still have a LOT to learn, but am VERY proud of myself.  I saved $111.74 plus I got a register reward worth $3 and two more coupons for 2.00 off any five general mills cereal, and one for 1.00 off two Campbell's soups.  In total I spent $136.30 that Rocks!!!