Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beachy Waves DIY

Yesterday I met my friend Sam at the Christian book store. She was telling me about this salt water spray she uses for beachy waves in her hair. Both my Daughter and I love the way our hair looks after swimming in the ocean. 

She sent me a picture of the bottle and I looked for it while I was out. I didn't see it anywhere :(

I told my Daughter about it and she was totally bummed about me not finding it. After a little research. I came up with our own recipe. It worked really well. 

We used warm almost hot tap water, 1 Tbs. Sea Salt, 1 Tbs Argan oil (Sally's Beauty), about 2Tbs Tresemme curly hair gel. 

Starting with warm water add salt and shake till full dissolved. Then add your oil and gel. Shake well too with water. 

I sprayed on completely dry hair. We thoroughly wet entire head and scrunched hair with hands. 

Here is our result!

Not bad, huh?  Little girls are so much fun <3 Blessings! Paula