Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things I have tried on Pinterest. Issue 1

  I am attempting to resuscitate my blog.  In my attempt of finding fodder to chat about, I realized that my obsession with Pinterest has taken the place of my blogging interest (well kinda).  I then had an epiphany of sorts.  I figured I would blog about the things I have tried, or projects that were inspired by my Pinterest finds!  It's a win/win for me....it gives me something to write about, and motivation to try some of the 2,073 things I have pinned. (That way I can justify the endless amount of time I spending pouring over all of the pinners, pins I follow) :)

  Here goes.  Earlier this week I attempted to make Pumpkin Spice Brownies, Using just a box of brownie mix and a can of pumpkin puree.  Result:  Extremely chewy brownies, that left me wishing I had just made pumpkin spice frosting and made regular old brownies. 

Now I DID frost them with homemade butter cream pumpkin spice frosting..... That was delish!  Super easy too.  You need:
2 sticks of butter
2 C of powdered sugar
about 3 T pumpkin spice seasoning!

So my advice, Make the brownies according to the directions and frost LIBERALLY! 

Next I tried this easy to do, Topsy Tail High Bun.  I have an appointment to see the Doctor today, and didn't feel like messing with my hair.  Result:  Awesome easy and elegant Up Do.  I honestly think it took all of 5 minutes! 


I added a flower....well because, my Daughter and I are in LOVE with them, and in South Texas it just seems to make every outfit feel more Texan! ;)

Today my outfit is inspired by Pinterest.  I wish I had a Maxi skirt as long as the one below. I am 5'8 and it's hard to find ANY skirts that length on me. I won't give up hunting for one though.  Maybe I will have to find a pattern to MAKE one?! 

Here is the Pinterest inspiration. Can you see most of the elements?  I just LOVE my denim jacket, and am so glad it was returned to me this Sunday.  I accidentally left it behind at church a couple of weeks ago!! Ahhhhhhh.  It feels good to post again.  Now to redesign my site, but first.....pick up the Oldest from school :)  Blessings!  Paula