Monday, March 21, 2011


Today it was 60 degrees AND the sun was shining on and off all day!!!

I am so ready for spring......this winter has been really miserable.  My body doesn't do well in the cold AT ALL!

I had my hubby pull out my spring decorations from the garage yesterday so I decided to change things up!

I am joining Marty for Table Top Tuesday!!

But first I thought I would share a MAJOR praise.  This is where I found my Dad today.  He is a painter by trade...(handy to have around for sure) but after chemo and maintenance doses of prednisone,My Father had cataracts form that were so thick, that he has been legally blind for almost a year!  Needless to say, he hasn't been able to do much for quite some time.

We were recently given the go ahead by his Doctor to have the surgery and now both eyes are seeing 20/20 again! He has also been cancer free for over a year now!

He is cutting a paint swatch to match the color of the wall,so he can touch it up. There used to be a baby  gate at the top of the stairs to keep the Grandkids from tumbling down them.  The youngest is now 6, so the gate was taken down, and holes were patched. It's ready to be sanded and painted!!!  It is SOOO good to see him up and doing some of the things he previously enjoyed!  I Love him so much!!

Okay!!!  Enough with the mushy stuff and on to the table tops!

This is what the stereo cabinet looked like before.

Here is the After.

I used things that I already had.  The cross was re-purposed from my St. Patrick's day display.

I need to look for some lighter colored or neutral books for under the lamp.  The eggs are glittery!  You know me....I can't resist something if it's sparkly!

This is how the book case next to the piano looked before.  I know.........boring!

This is the top after.  Recognize the little green birds, from my Hobby Lobby trip?  I just love them!!

I like the nest and books better closer together.  Both the nest and the candle stick were from the Goodwill.  Books were off the bookcase. 

I had to throw these in here because it's going on Marty's  party page.  Marty is always cleaning her silver "finds" with Tarn-x and transforming otherwise yucky pieces into something wonderful.  So here are the Goodwill candle sticks I found months ago "before" on the right and "after" on the Left!!!  Aren't they gorgeous??? 

Thanks Marty, for always showing us your lovely silver finds.  This is my FIRST time using tarn-x! 

Here is a picture of the buffet before.  It looks DARK for fall.

Now MUCH lighter for Spring.  I need some flowers or something green....but it's a start!

Blessings <3 Paula

I have also decided to join these lovely ladies' parties.  Please take time to visit some of the other blogs as well.  :)

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