Friday, February 25, 2011

Feeding my sickness......OR More Thrifty Finds.

  While out shopping for St. Patty's Day decorations at the dollar store the kids and I ran in the Salvation Army right next door.  As I have stated earlier; I believe I have an illness! I can't be anywhere near the place without feeling the urge to Pop in and see what I can  "find".  

  I am is all about the CHASE!  :)

  Here is what I found....

Isn't it GREAT??!!  I absolutely fell in love.  I will actually use this one as a serving piece, not just for displaying things!  LOL  We love to do "snack night" with the kids periodically.  We have finger foods like cheese, crackers, olives, fruit, smoked salmon, mini deli bread, and "spread" of some sort!  I love the rim around the "cloche" for fruit and crackers!!!  IT ROCKS!!!

  So I saw this box on the way tippy top shelf and had to get on my toes to reach it!!! (I am 5'8 so, It really is a tall shelf) :)  Heart racing at the excitement of my find, I looked a little way down that shelf and saw these beauties!!!  Still in the box!!

We love to cook out on the grill in the summer time, and the entire family LOVES corn on the cob!  I had some of those awful plastic corn holders and got rid of them long ago.  We kept the skewers for either end....(they keep little, AND big hands clean)  I have never seen them in glass before!  Maybe I have lived under a rock...dunno....BUT  Can you believe I found 8 still in the box in pristine condition?  Whoever donated them, mustn't like corn!   :0)  At less than a buck a piece how could I pass them up???!!!

   Yesterday, on my way home from the Doctor with my Daddy, we decided to stop at the Goodwill.  My poor Father, I dragged him all over this store, and with his vision being so poor, it's frustrating for him.  He can't make out a lot of objects, or prices ect.  But he is a TROOPER!!!  Can't even begin to tell you how much I love that man!


  When it came to housewares, that was a BIG strike out!  I did buy my Dad a chenille throw for sitting in his recliner. It was new in the wrapper, from a Target clearance donation.  I forgot to photograph it was a steal at $6.99, in a lovely shade of cream.

  But, clothing for my boys was plentiful, I also found a few goodies for me and the little Princess too.... I made the boys model!  They were THRILLED!!!! <insert sarcasm> Can't wait to show you!

 Target clearance donation NWT from the Converse line $2.99, He had just finished an after school snack when I asked him to model, thus explaining the spots on his T-shirt!!  I think that was his drink...........MY BOYS!!!  I love them more than words can express.........messy faces, shirts, dirty hands, smelly socks and all!!

Target clearance donation NWT from the Converse line $2.99

 Target clearance donation NWT from the Converse line $2.99

 Target clearance donation NWT from the Converse line $2.99

Nordstrom dress shirt NWT $2.99.  Perfect for school uniform!

Black hoodie NWT $2.99

Doesn't this picture speak a thousand words?  Ian is just over flowing with excitement!  He loves helping his Mama blog!  LMBO!!!  Ahhh I love my boys!  These are uniform pants brand new with the tags on.  I paid $6.99 

  I also found two great treasures for ME, and a cute sweater for my Daughter.  All brand new tags!

This little sweater is so sweet!  It has little sequins, for just the right amount of sparkle.  She will still have 2-3 months to wear it, and then I will hand it down to my Lovely little Niece! 

One last picture of a dollar store find that just makes my heart happy every time I see it!  

This little bird came from the dollar tree!  I never fancied myself a bird person, but lately they are popping up everywhere in blog world, and what can I say?  You lovely ladies are rubbing off on me.  The Candle holder, a hand me down from my Auntie Sue, looks like a birds nest I think....Don't you?  Oh and remember my alligator case from Thrifting with my Parents in January?? I think it is a perfect addition to this vignette. The books are ones I randomly plucked from my bookcase!  Everytime I pass this, it makes me HAPPY!!! See, I really am easy to please.  ;^)

I am linking up to Junkin' Finds Friday!   

Okay, I have to run and pick up tights for my little Darling!  She is going to a "Princess Ball" tonight, with THE Prince......Her Daddy!!  I will share pictures of the two of them soon!

Have a Blessed Weekend!  <3 Paula