Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RaisingHome: Home Tour

RaisingHome: Home Tour: " This is our 2nd bath. (My Bathroom) the upstairs bath is my Mother's bathroom. I will post that another day soon.&nb..."

A word to Mothers with young children.

  Things I wish someone would have told me while I was raising my children when they were babies.

1.  You can't spoil a baby by  loving them too much!  No matter how often you hold them, even wear them in a sling, If you nurse them until age 3, co-sleep in the same bed or room, rock them and place their sleeping bodies in a crib or car seat, Kiss them 8,000 times a day.....and never let them cry for longer than 3 seconds..............I assure you, the child will not be spoiled.  

  Children become spoiled from inconsistent parenting, and from not having boundaries set.  Teaching self discipline and having an "others first" mentality in your home is how to insure your child doesn't become spoiled.....but that can't happen until they can start to reason and have language skills.   So kiss and cuddle away!

2. Don't sweat the small stuff!  Some of the things we obsess over when our children are babies and toddlers just stress us out needlessly.  Should I allow them to have a pacifier? He/She is 15 months and not drinking out of a cup yet!  We are approaching 3 and still in diapers!  They aren't crawling yet!  Remember that every child is different and there are varying degrees of normal.  Some children walk at 9 months while others don't until 15 months or so.  

Try to relax.....keep your eye on it, but don't let these things overwhelm you.  Enjoy your baby!  He or she will let you know when they are ready to give up their beloved "BABA"  or "Binkie"  and what a mixed day of emotions that is.....they are one step closer to independence.   

  I am NOT by any means saying to be an indifferent or neglectful parent.  I know that I did far too much fretting about potty training, sleeping all night, staying in their bed, Moving them on to table foods, and all the other little milestones that you think will never happen.  TRUST ME they will, and sometimes you won't even realize when they are happening.

  I still wish I would have realized the day for each of my children when it was going to be the last time that they nursed.....but the truth is, they weaned gradually and one day, they just never looked to do so again.  

  They were ready to become "movers and shakers"   

My reason for telling you this is, to try to get you to live in the moment. Take pictures, enjoy nap time together, marvel at the handiwork of God that is your Child, and give yourself time to just ENJOY that little bundle of joy that has been graciously "gifted" to you. 

All too soon, the real worries of this world will be upon you.  You will need to let them venture out there on their own, without your protection and guidance, but for now.......Just Be.  

There will be more messes tomorrow, always more laundry, dirty dishes, spills, and things to be broken.  That is Life.  Right now, you think it will never end.....but it will.........all things do.

God gave you a gift.  Cherish it.

Chillin in the sandbox.

Trying to be like Mommy!  That is my mascara.

Lexi and King Solomon!  I miss him terribly.  Best cat EVER.

As you see, she has her "nuk" clipped on to her shirt. 

I was still dealing with potty training and the occasional accident at these ages.  I thought it would NEVER end. 

Ages 8,5,2.5  He broke his arm on the monkey bars RIGHT in front of me!!  If only I knew then what I know now.....THAT it wasn't going to be that last broken bone!  They heal and move on to some brand new adventure!

This is my  brood today.....our concerns are peer pressure, dating, purity, GRADES and honors classes, training for sports, drivers permits, sibling conflict, bad influences,godliness, obedience, and abiding faith that will keep them out of harms way!

Truth be told, I came to fully realize that they don't belong to me.....I try very hard these days, to just do the work, and not to worry as much.  I offered them back to God as a living sacrifice many years ago now.  The Lord has been good!  My kids continue to amaze me with their love of the LORD.  Despite my best efforts of messing them up....they turned out okay.  LOL  

We still have many years ahead of us, parenting teenagers and tweens....but I have FAITH that God has great plans for them!  I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.