Monday, May 16, 2011

So sorry I've been away so long!

I really haven't forgotten about my blog, I just honestly don't have a enough time right now.  I figured I would give you all a quick catch up on what is going on around here lately.

Chris (my Husband) is in Texas.  He started his new job about a month ago now, and he loves it so far.
We have friends of the family renting our house.  We are working on the paperwork, repairs, and miscellaneous other household things.
Douglas finished his AP World History test last week.  He had been studying like crazy for it.  He is now studying for finals.  

The kids only have 15 more days of school!  The little ones went to their last Crossroads Christian Club.  I can't begin to tell you what a blessing that was for our family.  After only being home schooled, and worried about Christian values, to find out that the school lets a church rent their gym once a week for a Christian kids club was AWESOME!! 

Ian joined recreational co-ed basketball after school to help pass some of the time while we wait to be reunited with their Daddy.

I leave for San Antonio on Thursday to see my honey, and hopefully find a house to live in!!!  

I think that is about all of it for now........I know things are about to only get busier!!  I will do my best to keep everyone posted.  

Blessings <3 Paula