Monday, November 21, 2011

My Beautiful and Talented Sister-in-Law

Yes, it's lovely SIL, Erin created these one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  She uses Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, and sterling silver!  

She also created these pieces.

She gives them all fabulous names, most of which are inspired from women by women in her life. If you see something you like, you should stop by her website Erin Rose Custom Jewelry 
With Christmas right around the corner, I couldn't think of a better gift than a custom piece of jewelry! 

She is a Stay at home Mom, and is really hoping to build her business! I'm hoping she can build her business too, so She and my Brother can move to Texas sooner!!! ;)

She guarantees all her work, and includes care instructions with each of her pieces! Hope you will stop on by.

If any of my bloggy friends would like to feature her, let me know!  She would be delighted.  

P.S.  You can find her on Facebook Here   


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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

House Tour Part 1

I have been in Texas for 4 months now.  Some days it seems like we just got here,and other days it seems like we have been here forever.  

I figured I would show you around a bit.  Things are still a work in progress.  It is very strange going from owning to renting, so I am still on the fence about how much decorating I am willing to do.  We signed a two year lease,but have no idea where God will lead us when our lease is up.

This is the upstairs "game room"  we don't really use it as a game room, more like a second family room.  A week ago it only had a single chair in it, and the TV and stand.  When we moved from Illinois, we got rid of everything but the necessities.  We didn't have enough furniture to furnish this room....then last week our neighbor was having a garage sale, and these sofas were in the sale.  We ended up with a sofa, loveseat,couples chair and ottoman,two end tables and a coffee table for $200!!!

How do you pass that up?
Typically I shy away from floral patterns, but this one is so muted and subtle that it is growing on me!

I ended up using the tables in the formal living room, which I will show in the next post.  The marble topped end tables were my Grandmothers and used to be in the living room.  They go better up here for sure!  

The vintage lamps were a gift from a Dear friend ages ago.  They are etched glass and silver toned.  I just replaced the shades a while back to clean them up a bit.  They had been in my Daughters room, but were too large.  So, now they have a new home also.
This mirror used to hang in my Dining room back home.  The sconces are from my days of selling Party Lite.  Guess it's a good thing I held on to some of our stuff.  I think they look great hear.

I LOVE these lamps.  I don't think I will EVER get rid of them.  They are probably about 60 yrs old if not older and really heavy!  The frame was found at the Salvation Army before we moved.
The pictures hung in my Parents bedroom back home.  My Dad doesn't like them, but my Mother and I still do.  I thought they looked lovely in here as well.  HA!  We still get to admire them, and they are no longer in his room.  :)

I will definitely be adding window treatments to this window.  probably an ivory valance of some sort. What do you think?

I like how soft and relaxing this room is.  I can't believe how fast and easy it came together either! 

After 16 yrs of marriage, I finally have a girly room!!  I usually stick to masculine and tailored.  Unlike most Husband, mine has strong opinions on decorating and doesn't like anything girly or frilly.  I keep reminding him that " I " am a GIRL!  LOL

One last picture.  My neighbor didn't want this desk anymore, so I bought it from her for $25!!  

Isn't it Gorgeous?!  I am envisioning one of those lovely framed cork board Balard Design knock offs, made by yours truly!  And of course a tall candlestick type lamp with a ribbon bow of course :)


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Table

I figured I would set my Thanksgiving table today.  I have been desperate to decorate for Christmas and put up the tree.  I always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  It's our tradition.  But the decorating itch got to me today.

Napkin rings came from Hobby Lobby last year.
Platter was a garage sale find years ago.

Goblets were a Goodwill find last year!
Autumn Candle Sticks are from Partylite, many years ago.
Table cloth is Better Homes and Gardens (Walmart) table runner from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.

Greenery from Walmart with a couple of Autumn picks from Hobby Lobby.

A gift for my Parent's 25th wedding anniversary from our Pastor and his wife.
I have had the chargers forever.  The gold dishes are also Better homes and Gardens.  I just love that line at Walmart!
The vintage relish tray was my Grandmothers.  Wine glasses are my Mother's.  I also don't remember where we got the gold rimmed, white dishes.  My Mother bought a service for 16 years ago for the using at the holidays.
The only things missing are draperies and a chandelier.  We are renting right now, so not sure I want to put in the effort or money!
Later next week I will share my menu and some recipes.  I loved putting together this table scape. It is helping me look forward to Thanksgiving.  Otherwise it could be rather depressing,since it is the first one I will be separated from my family.
Blessings to you all!
Still Thankful for SO much. 

I am linking to Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.  Hop on over and check out her GORGEOUS table from a previous Thanksgiving. She is also holding an awesome giveaway for Crosby and Taylor pewter measuring spoons

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taco Soup Recipe

This recipe comes from my neighbor, Tracy.
Super quick and easy...not to mention VERY yummy!
Taco Soup for the crock pot

2 lbs ground turkey or beef
2 taco seasoning packets
1 can hominy
1 can corn
2 cans kidney beans
3 14oz cans diced tomatoes
1 can rotel

Brown turkey, if you want you can add onions mix all together with juices from cans and all cook for about 4-5 hrs on High.  Serve over tortilla chips with sour cream and shredded cheese.  This makes a full 6 Qt slow cooker.


I also made pumpkin bread for dessert, with whipped cream frosting.  I admit,it came from a box, but it was delicious!

 If you haven't ever tried the Duncan Hines whipped don't know what you are missing!!  It is SO yummy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This Halloween was a bit difficult.  It's the first Halloween my kids have ever spent away from their family.  Traditionally, my Sister-in-law and I would get our kids ready at our own home, and then meet up with their older Cousins at either my Parent's house or by their Auntie.  Either way, they would eventually make their way to all the family and trick-or-treat through all the neighborhoods.

Since moving to Texas, a lot has changed.  We are on our own now, and trying our hardest to make the best of it.  We share plenty of photos and thoughts on Facebook.  Facebook is fast becoming the best way for us to keep up on each others lives!

Anyway....I wanted to share my children's costumes.  Amazingly enough, this is the least amount of money I have ever spent on costumes, and they came out the BEST!!
I recycled a costume Lexi wore last year.  She went as Cleopatra.  And this year she wanted to be a "Pretty" Mummy!

Here is her costume from last year.
She had a turtle neck on underneath, because it is freezing cold in Illinois at Halloween!  It was actually sleeveless.

Here is her costume this year!

I brought out my handy dandy seem ripper, and took off the embellishment at the waist.  Used my scissors to "shred" the bottom and add holes.  Bought a ton of gauze, a "Monster" cheese cloth, some hair spray, and cake make-up. Subtracted the's need for one :)  Voila!!  A glamorous  Mummy!
Here are some pics of her make-up.
She is really creepy huh??  My kids are always such hams!!  They love to play their part!

Ian's costume is actually a costume my husband wore a couple of years ago.  He went as a zombie cowboy!

I Can't locate the pictures of his Dad, but the duster, shirt, and chaps, were part of the costume.  Hat, compliments of my Father.  

Here are some close ups of Ian's make-up.

He got tons of compliments on His creepiness too!  

In the end I spent about $15 between make-up, liquid latex, and gauze.  About an hour each for make-up...and lots of fun being creative!!  

I will leave you with our SPOOKY house.  We had some sound effects playing and the Beetlejuise sound track.

Paula <3