Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures 3

While blow drying my beautiful Daughter's hair last night, I couldn't help but marvel at it's silky smooth and glossy luster. Her hair has rarely been cut, other than light trims to get rid of split ends.  It was only last year I even agreed to allow her to cut a bang!  She hasn't ever highlighted or colored her hair.  We never even use styling products on it.  Just shampoo and conditioner, and sometime spray detangler.

Her hair is just natural, reflecting the Glory of God in the beauty of her creation.  Some day, she will no longer need me to dry her hair for her, she may even  want to cut it, or color it, and do all the things us women believe make us look better.....but right now, she is just as God has created her, and he gave her to ME!  

I don't have her forever....but I do for this time, and I will cherish every moment I have with her.

After I finished drying her silky locks, I figured I would take a photo, and share with you the beauty of girlish youth!

My simple pleasure for this week, is brushing my Daughter's hair.  I know the time will come when she no longer needs me to do this for her.  Thank you Father God, for lending her to me for this time.
 Blessings<3 Paula


  1. Your dd had beautiful hair. I pray that she may always enjoy it long and un- modernized. She is simply beautiful...the way the Lord made her.


  2. They do grow fast. What a nice tribute to her from you. She is very beautiful.

    (thank you for the nice complement on my post today)

  3. What a wonderfully unique simple pleasure. Your daughter is so pretty and has a gorgeous head of hair. She and I have some things in common, actually. I've never colored my hair and have never been to a salon for anything hair-related, except once when I was 17 I went for a shampoo. I'm sure one day I'll give in (especially the more grays I see as each day rolls around), but for now, I'm content. I love nature's way best.

  4. Your daughter does have beautiful thick and shiny hair and she's just pretty as a picture!

  5. Her hair is beautiful and SHE is equally beautiful.

    And this simple pleasure touched this mother's VERY much.

  6. Paula, Your daughter is lovely! I did the same as you - made the conscious effort to savor and enjoy my daughter's childhood, and I am so glad I did. All the treasures stored in my memories of her childhood, and knowing that I savored and enjoyed the little she did, too!

  7. Paula, you have been blessed with a lovely child. Her hair is quite stunning!


  8. I remember those days with my daughters. You are wise to cherish them now. She is just lovely.

  9. Such a pretty girl with gorgeous silken hair!
    It must be wonderful to have a daughter to enjoy all the girly things with - I have 2 adult sons who haven't needed me to brush their hair for many a day now :-)
    Enjoy your precious time with your sweet girl!

  10. Hi Paula! Your daughter has gorgeous hair. I would love to do a feature of your blog, email me. I am thinking perhaps for this weekend sometime, I am bit behind.

  11. Oh my what beautiful long hair and what a beautiful young girl also .Thanks for sharing you simple pleasure with us . many blessings to you


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