Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Bedroom.

   I figured it was about time I showed you all my bedroom.  Not just part of it.......the whole thing.  There are parts of my bedroom that I love, and parts that I don't!

I was hoping if I showed all you lovely ladies in blog land what I have, you could help me figure out what I need to make it work better and look prettier.  

So, here goes!!

I Love My bedding, and I like the shape of the lamps and the shade, but I think the lamps are too small.  What do you think?
Remember my trip to Hobby Lobby?  This is the "M" I found there, and the wall quote came from Tuesday Morning. I promised you all that I would show you what I had in mind for it!  Sorry it took me so long. I would still like a headboard though, but don't know what style to go with.  I lean toward upholstered with tufting, or maybe wrought iron?  I just don't know.
In the left corner, is my husband's guitar amp and my hope chest.  I believe I am going to paint the hope chest, and give it to my Daughter.  It was my Grandmothers and she gave it to me when I was about 9.  I still don't know what to do with the guitar amp.
I love my wall crosses.  I found them at the Salvation Army and they remind me of Calvary!
I thought I would show you my side of the bed, while I enjoy the last days of my roses.  They smelled so wonderful!
Not brave enough to show you the inside of our closet!
This is my Husband's armoire.  I know it is a bit dated.  It was a hand-me-down from his Aunt, and it has seen better days.  The vanity needs to go, there just isn't enough room in here for it.  It makes me sad, but I am tired of it just taking up space.  I love the star lantern on the vanity, but I don't know what to do with it.
Guitars are stowed in the left corner, and the children leave their bibles in here.  They are normally stored on the top of my dresser.  For whatever reason, the kids insist on gathering for our bible study in Mom and Dad's room.  The family room is MUCH larger, but they prefer to be in here with us.  They bring in folding chairs and gather around the bed.  We usually end up cuddling in here and watching T.V. for a bit afterward and before bed.
The furniture has suited our needs and served their purpose for many years now, but are completely not my taste.  I don't like the wood color, and was thinking maybe with a coat of paint they could be re-purposed into something I like a little better.  Do you think it is worth the effort?
My dresser.  It doesn't normally look like this.  It has the Lenten altar for family worship on it right now.  Notice all the scuffs and scratches.  The dogs did this when they were puppies!  I think I can fill it and sand it, and you won't even notice.
I was thinking about replacing the hardware with antique brass hardware?
Love the area rug, it used to be in our living room at the old house.  I think it "works" in here.
Close up of the bedding.
I love the candle sticks, and the medallion.  I don't like the jewelry box, but haven't found anything else stylish to replace it with.  Any ideas?
I sent away for my free Valspar paint sample, and this is the color I was thinking about for the furniture.  Now I am worried about it being too dark.  I just don't know. 
Here is the color next to the bedding.
Can you picture it on the furniture?  If so, what do you think?  Now that you have seen the things I love, what would you call my style?  I have always said "masculine" or "tailored" and "old world"  But in the realm of traditional, contemporary, eclectic, I don't know where I fit.  I know I am not Country, or Shabby Chic, or even feminine. LOL  What would you call it?


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  1. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


  2. i love the color you picked out, your room is beautiful. thanks so much for sharing this at my party!!

  3. Great bedroom Paula! Good color choice too.

  4. luving your openness to creativity ~
    maybe have a look at the other dresser conversion on the linky at serenity now ~ you'll be a.maz.ed!! we all have been ")
    blessings ~
    luv your altar!

  5. Ditto what Faith Hope Cherrytea said...I love your openness to creativity and change. I love your bedding, the crosses, and the stuff above your bed.

    I think you have a lot of dark elements in the room, which can make it look a lot smaller than it probably is. I'd go for painting the furniture and switching out the hardware.

    I'd also pull the lightest color from your bedding (is it a really light khaki?) and maybe make a window treatment like a lined roman shade in that light color.

    I also think that bigger lamps (maybe some neat clear glass ones or chunky white) with neutral shades to match the window treatments would help too.

    I agree with you about the's lovely, but it looks like it's taking up a lot of space. I've seen a lot of women who don't have headboards place their beds under the window. Have you tried that? Would it open up your floor plan and make some more room?

    Thank you so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. Have fun finding a new read or two, and I hope you'll visit me at Serenity Now again soon. :)

  6. I love your bedding! It's gorgeous! I love the paint color, but I do think it's a little dark for all of the dark accessories you have in the room. I'm with Amanda - pull the lighter shade out of your bedding. Is it khaki or light golden color? That would be really pretty. I just realized how similar your bedding is to my mom's bedding. Her walls are a khaki color, her furniture is black and her window treatments are like a beige color and it's not too dark in her room. It's really pretty so I think the lighter pain would make all the difference.

    I would agree that your room is a little crowded with furniture. I get very attached and sentimental about my furniture, but is there somewhere else you could move the vanity? in another room maybe?

    I'm visiting from Amanda's.


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