Tuesday, December 7, 2010

State Competition 2010 results.

  After a day of rest, I figured I would update you all on how Lexi did over the weekend.  On Saturday her team competed against four other teams.  It was an elimination process and only the first through third place teams would go on to the finals the following day.

  Her team, Streamwood Falcons 73lb. Poms took 2nd place!  The girls did a great job!
That is her cute little face in the middle of their "clock"....priceless!

  On we went to day two.  We needed to arrive at the Sears Center at 8am and wouldn't perform until 9am.  Again the girls did a fantastic job, they all remembered to smile, their kick line was better than the day before.  Everything seemed to go as well as I expected.

  At the intermission the girls left to go back to our home town and eat together at Applebees.  We celebrated some birthdays and watched the Bears play against the Lions.  After a long lunch we went to the roller rink and the girls had a great time skating there.  It was Lexi's first time on roller skates,  she keeps telling me she wants to go back with her Brothers!  

  Around 4pm we left the roller rink and headed back to the Arena.  By this point, it was PACKED!!!    All the Mommies, Daddies, Siblings, Grandparents, Aunties and Cousins were filing in to find out how their athletes ranked.

 We had two special performances left for the evening.  The Crystal Lake Raiders Sparkle Squad and the District 54 Sensations.  They are both groups of profoundly handicapped Cheerleaders.  Their Coaches and Aids were incredible with them.  They were greeted by a standing ovation, and cheered by another  at the end of their routine.  I felt privileged to be there just to see them perform.  What a great message of hope and joy for us all.  I don't think there was a single person without tears running down their cheeks and a lump in their throat.

  Soon after those wonderful performances, the craziness ensued.  Back stage, the entrances to the arena were PACKED!  Cheerleaders were herded into both hall entrances like cattle.  Once given the all clear they stampeded the arena floor.  I don't think I have ever seen so many Cheerleaders in one place in all my life.  My husband said it best.  There is so much Pep and joy there we could power a city for a month, if we could only harness it!!

 All our Streamwood girls sat together facing their hometown fans!  The anxiousness written all over their beautiful little faces. All their fans hoping and praying they would all place 1st!

 In the end, only one of our teams placed first.  Streamwood 103lb Poms.  Congrats girls, you all did a great job!

 Lexi's team placed 3rd.  I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't a little disappointed.  Everyone wants to win!!  Winning feels good......but it wasn't meant to be this time around.  I could never begin to express how proud I am of all the girls.  I am especially proud of my Daughter.  

  She took her placement with dignity.  Not one tear was shed.  Not because she doesn't understand....she fully understands.  She just has a heart of gold!!  She realizes that all you can do is your best, and sometimes your best just isn't enough. Sometimes there are people who just are a little bit better... As usual my children humble me.  They always have a better attitude than I would expect them to have.  

 I figured I would end this post honoring all of Lexi's years of cheer and accomplishments.  We counted at home, and being only the age of 8 she already has 8 trophies on her shelf!!!!!  One of which stands out more than all the others now.  Her 3rd place trophy!!  A reminder that she made it to the State championship finals!  What an awesome accomplishment.  We are all so proud of you Alexandra JoAnn Montalvo!!  xoxoxoxox

Lexi performing for the judges in the finals. 

Competing in the finals at the IRCA State Championship.  Age 8.

She practiced this kick line EVERYDAY!! 

Lexi age 5 and her brothers Douglas, and Ian

At 5 yrs of age I knew she had a special talent.  Look at those splits and straight arms!

In a mount with her brothers!  They let her practice thigh stands on them all the time.

Her first competition!  Big brother Doug was so proud of her.  She was competing a level up and it was her first year cheerleading.

The year my friend Carrie and I coached her team.  Age 6.

Always ready with a smile! 

  I can't wait to see how you grow over the next year, and look forward to watching you cheer for many more years to come!  Love you my " Little Princess"