Saturday, December 4, 2010

Game ON!!

We ARE a football Family.
Our boys absolutely LOVE football, they wait all Winter and Spring for football to start again, They train hard in the gym during the off season to get a better edge during their game.  We, as a family watch every Bears game we can, and record the ones we can't see live.  We do our best to stay away from all media sources until we can watch it on the DVR and see the game without any spoilers.  Most times instead of playing with toys or video games, if the weather is find my boys outside throwing the ball around.

My beautiful Daughter, LOVES to cheer.  Unfortunately, she takes a back seat to her Brothers all football season. All the action during the season is in the GAME. 

She starts practicing weeks before the boys hit the practice field, so that on the sidelines they are ready to cheer the boys on to victory!  They also start working on their routine, so they are ready for their time in the spotlight.  She has a blast working hard (and playing hard too) with her cheer Sisters!
She goes to all the Boy's games.  Now that Douglas (My Oldest) is in High School, she even wears his team colors, to show her support and wants her big brother to WIN!
She cheered for her brother Ian in the Superbowl this year!  It was freezing cold.  Lexi kept a smile on her face the whole time!  She didn't mind that Ian was getting all the attention that day.  She has the heart of a Champion!

All her previous years cheering have just been exhibition only.  This year is the first year she had to "earn" her trophy.  It was also her first bid to state.  Today is YOUR day to shine baby girl!  You have worked so hard to get here, and Mama is so proud of you.  You are already a Champion in my eyes.  Your Mom, Dad, Grandparents, and Brothers will be there to cheer you on, just as you cheer on the boys all season long!!  We love your positive enthusiasm more than you will ever know.  All your hours and hours of work have come down to this one moment!!  NOW LET'S BRING HOME THAT TROPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Go Lexi! I'll be waiting to see pics of your trophy!!

  2. Cute blog, I look forward to reading it again.


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