Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I've been up to since Christmas.....

  Christmas Day had an unexpected event that spoiled our family get together.  Our Sewer started backing up into the downstairs tub, and trying to find a plumber to come out on Christmas Day and root the line isn't an easy feat.  We called quite a few places before we even had someone pick up a phone!

  After a couple of hours, and $329 later, the problem still wasn't solved and the plumber was telling us that he thought he couldn't get his line to go through because the pipe had either shifted or broken.  He felt the cost would be starting at 5k and go up from there to fix it.

  Needless to say, after spending money on gifts that sent us into a panic!  We had to call off our visit with the extended family because you couldn't flush toilet paper down the toilet without risk of it backing up again!  I posted on Facebook that I was in need of a plumber and to please send me the info of anyone that my friends might know.  

 Long story short....(too late)  I was flooded with private messages and contacts from lots of long time friends suggesting people they knew or were related to and could trust.  My friend since childhood Mike is a plumber and contacted me himself.  Over the phone he spoke with my husband and told him he has never heard of that happening that far from the house, and it would be HIGHLY unlikely that was the problem.  After only about a half hour here, he had the entire problem resolved, and all it involved was some expertise and rooting the line!  He was able to get a 4 inch blade through the pipe!!  Broken my You know what!! Anyway a big Thanks to my Buddy Mike Freier again!!  You have no idea how much you helped us out!

  Since that day, I have been just taking it easy and re-evaluating/reflecting and praying on my life.  I realize that it is time for some SERIOUS change!  That is a post for another day. 

  Now, on to the fun we had last night.  I was clipping coupons and just finished watching my Jill Cataldo DVD that I received for Christmas from my Aunt Sue, (thanks again it was awesome).  I decided I was cold and wanted something warm to drink.  My Daughter followed me upstairs and we decided, spur of the moment to have a tea party before bed. 

We brought down our individual tea pots from the top of the kitchen cabinet, gave them a good wash and set up our tray for our tea service.

 My Daughter, Lexi then decided that I should read her a book while we sipped tea.  (She's 9)  I asked her what book would she like me to read, and she said she had the perfect book.  She wanted me to take pictures so I could "blog" about it.  I thought that was just darling, so of course I had to do what she requested.

 Here is the book she came out of her very PINK room with.  
Sorry about the glare, these pics were all taken from my iPhone. Is this cute  or what?

The tiara on the front is inside a pouch so you can wear it while you read the book!

She decided to serve our tea, but first had to run back to her room to get these...

All proper ladies serve tea with white gloves on, don't you know?
   Then she served our tea....

After we daintily sipped our tea, we decided to start reading the book.  She insisted I take pictures of all the neat pages that have pull-outs or pop-ups.  SHE LOVES pop-up books.  Every time I am at the library with her, we spend hours searching for pop-up books and wind up sitting on the floor between aisles pouring over all our finds!   

 Here are all the pages she had me photograph....

Our book had lots to say about character, kindness, thoughtfulness, and it ended with a true princess always smiles and lets her character shine through to the world.
I don't know about you, but I am pretty sure I have the "real deal" here!  Look at that lovely smile.  :)

 The majority of this week has been spent reflecting and praying about life and some changes that need to be made.  My Sons and Daughter are for sure THE most precious things in the world to of the changes NEEDS to be, spending more time doing things with them that THEY enjoy.  I spend lots of time with my kids, but not necessarily doing things that they enjoy doing....more like making them suffer through things I like doing.  Or things I feel need to be done.  I realize that it doesn't need to be some extravagant thing all the time either.  This little tea party cost NOTHING!  But will always be a treasured moment.  

Happy New Year! 
<3  Paula