Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another picture fram re-do!

With all the crazy stuff going on around here, there just isn't enough time to blog.  I have a few blog ideas kicking around in my head, and plan on taking you all along on my journey of moving to San Antonio, Texas! 

My Husband leaves on Monday, and then I will be REALLY busy packing,sorting,and de-junking!  There will be plenty to blog about then!

I also want to take the time to tell you the amazing story of how God has put all this together.  That will be my very next blog, I promise!!

For now, I will just show you another brilliant picture frame transformation that my Sister in law, Erin did.  She has all this lovely artwork that her Mother has created around her home.  I love when things are special and unique, that have meaning to you around your home.  
When we were walking around her bedroom, she mentioned how she was dissatisfied with the lack of artwork in her bedroom.  The walls are mostly on slants because they live in a cape cod styled house. Their bedroom is upstairs, so the gabled roof makes for slanty walls.  She did have this beautiful Iris sketch, that I believe was done in colored pencils by her Mother.

She took the frame off already in this picture, but it was a thin yellow frame.  You can see how it looked before below.  I suggested she swap the mat out for a crisp white mat, and paint the frame.  Both Erin and my Brother like a more contemporary look and feel in their home.  This type of matting was typical for the late 80's and 90's.  Very matchy matchy.... But the artwork is timeless.  No one could deny the beauty of the Iris sketches themselves!

Here is the "After".  Don't ya love it??!!  It made a HUGE difference.  I think it looks very current now.  I think these will provide the right amount of color inspiration for Erin to pick accent colors for her room now too!  I think the yellows, blues and purples in this picture are just dreamy!

It is such a treasure to be surrounded by all the wonderful and talented women in my family!  I also, love getting to be apart of Erin making her house a haven.  Nothing feels better than having your home reflect YOU and Your FAMILY, and surrounding yourself with things that you love and are meaningful. That is what makes a house a HOME!

Blessings <3 Paula