Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This Halloween was a bit difficult.  It's the first Halloween my kids have ever spent away from their family.  Traditionally, my Sister-in-law and I would get our kids ready at our own home, and then meet up with their older Cousins at either my Parent's house or by their Auntie.  Either way, they would eventually make their way to all the family and trick-or-treat through all the neighborhoods.

Since moving to Texas, a lot has changed.  We are on our own now, and trying our hardest to make the best of it.  We share plenty of photos and thoughts on Facebook.  Facebook is fast becoming the best way for us to keep up on each others lives!

Anyway....I wanted to share my children's costumes.  Amazingly enough, this is the least amount of money I have ever spent on costumes, and they came out the BEST!!
I recycled a costume Lexi wore last year.  She went as Cleopatra.  And this year she wanted to be a "Pretty" Mummy!

Here is her costume from last year.
She had a turtle neck on underneath, because it is freezing cold in Illinois at Halloween!  It was actually sleeveless.

Here is her costume this year!

I brought out my handy dandy seem ripper, and took off the embellishment at the waist.  Used my scissors to "shred" the bottom and add holes.  Bought a ton of gauze, a "Monster" cheese cloth, some hair spray, and cake make-up. Subtracted the turtleneck....it's TEXAS...no need for one :)  Voila!!  A glamorous  Mummy!
Here are some pics of her make-up.
She is really creepy huh??  My kids are always such hams!!  They love to play their part!

Ian's costume is actually a costume my husband wore a couple of years ago.  He went as a zombie cowboy!

I Can't locate the pictures of his Dad, but the duster, shirt, and chaps, were part of the costume.  Hat, compliments of my Father.  

Here are some close ups of Ian's make-up.

He got tons of compliments on His creepiness too!  

In the end I spent about $15 between make-up, liquid latex, and gauze.  About an hour each for make-up...and lots of fun being creative!!  

I will leave you with our SPOOKY house.  We had some sound effects playing and the Beetlejuise sound track.

Paula <3