Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowman Party

  A year or two ago I saw an Article in Family Fun magazine about a family who has an annual snowman party for the kids.  

  The reason it started was because the family felt like it help alleviate some of the Winter doldrums, since there is such a long time between Christmas and Easter.  

  Here in the Midwest, Winter is particularly l-o-n-g....
I thought the idea was FANTASTIC.  I collect snowmen because I love them, and thought what a fun party theme for the kids.

  I sent out the e-vite, and told my Sister-in-law to make sure they brought their snow pants and snow boots.  We would start the day off by building a long as God provided the snow.... (no problem there)  and he even warmed the temp up to 33 degrees so it was just the right temp for snowman building.  Wet, but not too wet!  Thanks God!!

The snowman kit Auntie Sue bought us many years ago....It is so cool and has gotten lots of use!

The oldest helping the youngest get ready to play in the snow....This is not uncommon to see these two paired up.  He is such a good BIG cousin to her!

Ian with Sugar, I know she wants go go out front with them too!

Catie and Gabriel getting ready to play out in the snow!

Our littlest snow angel, my Niece Caitlin Rose.

Ian and Lexi hard at work.

Gabriel getting in on the action.

Douglas helping Catie dress our Snowman!

Ian putting his hat on.

Isn't he cute?  All those pieces other than the arms, came out of the snowman kit!  I just love that thing!

Just the right size for my little Catie.

All my kids make a big fuss over the baby of the family....can you tell? 

They did a good job! 

  After building the snowman everyone came in and headed to the family room to get the rules on the snowman scavenger hunt.

  While the kids were outside playing, My Sister-in-Law took the photos and my Husband and Brother scattered my snowman collection throughout the upstairs of our home.  

  We made sure to take a count of the snowmen and then let the kids up stairs with a time limit to make it fair.  They had to see who could find the most snowmen!  

  The boys were very creative in their obvious but not too obvious placement.

 The kids had a blast and we had two sets of winners!  With candy bar prizes.....I forgot to take their picture..of course!  We were just having too much fun watching them.

  Next we made these little guys.

This was a big hit with the kids!  They all turned out so cute too.

  Next we did a Dot to dot, a coloring contest and word search all that were snowman themed.

  They all had so much fun!  Everyone got awards....and I didn't even have to fight the big kid to get him to participate.  He was even disappointed that I didn't have enough of the dot-to-dot sheets for him to have one!  HA!  I knew that little boy was inside there somewhere!!!

  We finished the evening with dinner, followed by my Mother reading one of my most loved  childhood books. It was given to me by my Nana in 1977.  I was 2 years old.

I was so happy to see how engrossed they all were in the story.

The book is called The Littlest Snowman.  It is a Golden book and the illustrations are precious!

  Today was a Good Day!  The kids are getting bigger and it is hard to find things for them all to participate in.  It warms my heart to see them all enjoying each other and just being kids for a while.  

  I was met with a bit of resistance by my oldest early in the day, but as usual my Niece has a way of bringing out the kid in him.  I am glad he is willing to "play along" for her sake.  
  Blessings <3 Paula