Friday, January 21, 2011

All Clean! Well.........*mostly*

  We worked on cleaning up the huge mess that was my little girls room!  After going through all her dresser drawers, bookshelf, and closet, we have four garbage bags full to donate.  (Most of which will go to my Niece, Catie)

 Isn't she a cutie??

  So here are a few before pictures again...

  If you want to see the full before you can find it Here

   Now for the big REVEAL!  

TADA!!  Isn't that so much nicer too look at?

Do you remember the Thrift store finds?  Works for the time being, for my Daughter's sea shell collection.  She really likes to "collect" things!

We took down the closet doors a while back.  They were old and heavy sliders and the track is all messed up.  I would love to replace them with bi-fold doors, but right now my baby acts like this is a stage often!

Here is the *mostly* part of the room.  We desperately need to do something about her closet, videos and organization!

My vicious Rottweiler, Kinjack's Rock Candy.  A.K.A "Sugar"

Needs re-painted!  But I so LOVE this furniture.

I need to paint and re-cover the chair too!

  List of projects for this room.

Patch holes in wall where shelf and snow globe collection came crashing to the floor!  (It was Horrible) I cried! 

Re-paint trim and door.
Re-paint my Grandmother's furniture.....Isn't it fabulous??
Some type of closet organizer and solution that isn't so ugly for the Videos.
Replace the carpeting.  (it's really yucky)  It has been in there for over 15 yrs.  When this was a playroom for the Grandkids!
Find a new Headboard, and upholster it for the Princess! 

Beg and plead with her to get rid of more stuffed animals and baby dolls!  

At least it's clean!  Right?  Blessings <3 Paula