Monday, December 20, 2010

Salvation Army finds Part 2

So here are the rest of the finds from our Salvation Army trip.  Remember, all Christmas items were half off!  I am still in awe today.  I will try to get the placement of these items from around my home photographed and published in the next few days!  I fell in love with this finial because it looks like a Christmas tree to me.  It was priced at $1.75 so I got it for .86

This is a gorgeous garland that I don't think was ever used.  It looks like it was from the Smith and Hawken line from Target?  Anyway it was only $1.75 as well, so also paid only .86 cents!

Both of these wall hangings are now in the foyer.  Each was new with tags on, and had a $5 price tag.  So I paid $2.50! 

I absolutely LOVE them! 

We are a blended family, the upstairs is decorated mainly in my Mother's taste.  She really likes "old world" decor.  Her entire tree is decorated in old world, or hand blown glass ornaments and dolls this year.  We couldn't pass up this bag of assorted ornaments because of the blown glass Santa ornament.  The entire bag was priced at $1.65,  There were FIVE ornaments in there.  We only paid .83 cents for the ENTIRE bag.  So each ornament cost about .17 cents!!  What a GREAT deal.  I will post Santa in the tree later. 

Bag of ornaments from above.

I fell in LOVE with this as soon as I saw it!  I thought it would go well in the foyer with the Noel and Joy signs, and the garland from above.  The price was $3.25, I couldn't pass it up.

This didn't photograph well, but it is in really good shape.  I paid $1.48 for this.  It has glitter embellished pine cones and berries.  It is approx 7ft long.  I had a plain evergreen garland at home that needed some sprucing. I used this garland and some gold ribbon to breathe some new life into it.  I will try to post how it turned out later this evening! 

Did I mention how much my Mother loves dolls?  I have to admit even I think she is cute!

This sleigh cost less than a quarter.  I HAD to pick this up.  It ended up staying on the table where shown in the photograph.  With a doll and some greenery. 

These were my next favorite find after the mercury glass I posted the other day.  I got all three of these frames for $1.95, I can show you what I printed and placed inside after I have my hubby help me hang them.  They turned out TERRIFIC! 

I needed a picture frame for the kids football picture from last year.  I couldn't pass this up especially for the price.

When I leave a thrift store with all of these treasures, it is like a natural high!  I can't even begin to explain the charge I get out of "treasure hunting".  After being away from some of the things I used to be so passionate about, going into the thrift stores wakes up the creativity that has been asleep in me for quite some time now.  But oh how good it feels to "wake up" again.  It has been with the help of many of the wonderful blogs I have found and follow.  Come back soon to see what I did with all of the "booty" I collected! A special thanks to My Mother and Daughter for being so patient with me, and two other pair of eyes for treasure finding.  Blessings <3  Paula


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