Monday, November 8, 2010

Recent Thrift Store Finds!

I couldn't pass these up.  They were $8.50 ea and still had the tags on them, as well as the plastic to protect the shades!!  I am using them in my boys room.

This was originally from the Bombay Company (now out of business)  I found it at the Good Will for $4.50  It is in my bedroom.
These urns were just too beautiful to pass up, they were only $5.95 each.  They will look beautiful in the living room! 


  1. Anytime I go to Goodwill I can't find a thing! Will have to go back, but why---you bought allt eh good stuff.

  2. I find great stuff most of the time, two big tips. Make a list of things you would like to find, and don't bring the kids with. They are too distracting. Try the Goodwill in Bartlett and the Salvation Army store in Streamwood.


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