Thursday, December 30, 2010

Comfort and Joy part 1

  Before I loose you all completely....I KNOW Christmas is OVER.  LOL  This isn't a post about Christmas.  While lying in the bathtub I was inspired to write this blog before I deal with all the heavy things I have been wrestling with lately.  

  Bathing is one of my all time FAVORITE things in the world to do.  It relaxes me completely.  Sometimes I read a book in the tub, sometimes I light candles, a glass of wine sometimes sits on the edge of the tub too.  I have the greatest bath pillow with suction cups to keep it secured in just the right place to rest your head.  It helps me regroup, and I often do my best praying there as well.  Now to the inspiration part.....I thought with most people having money issues now a days, why not blog about some of my favorite things that cost very little money and bring me "COMFORT and JOY"  every day of the year.  

  So here is the rest of my list in no particular order. 

 I have a coffee mug that I picked up at Walmart one day, just because I like the way it looked and felt in my hand.  I don't have the dishes or any other piece of the china.  But I drink out of this mug EVERY day.  Holding the heavy warmth of it in my hand in the mornings while getting my kids ready for school is the perfect start to my day.  I am very much a creature of habit when it comes to certain things, and when it is not clean, or someone else is using it....(totally drives me CRAZY)  the same level of soothing does not happen.  

The coffee cup is JUST the right size in my opinion.
   While we are on coffee mugs I thought I would mention the beverages IN them.  I love coffee in the morning, Folgers half and half.  Caffeine bothers me in excessive amounts so no strong stuff for me thank you.  I enjoy tea as well, but not nearly as much as I enjoy Motts hot cider drinks.  They are wonderful, and you can usually find them at Sam's club, in the fall.

  In the cold months There are a few things that I wear almost daily.  Knee socks have become a new love of mine.  I don't know why it took me so long to fall in love with these wonderful little things, but the warmth they add is astounding!  Who would have thunk it?  

As you see they come in all kinds of colors.  They are the best thing to put on in the morning when frost is in the air.

  I have Grave's Disease and Raynauds syndrome so I am often cold.  Have you noticed a theme yet?  Next is my robe and my knit slipper socks.  They ROCK.  I got them at Target last year right before I had the radioactive iodine procedure done to kill my thyroid.  
This robe is like wearing a fleece blanket.
Also from Target.  Soft warm and has little grippers on the bottom.
   While cuddled on the couch with my Hubby or kiddos, You can often find me underneath one of these.  
These look particularly luxurious, I couldn't find the ones I have, but they cost half the price of these.  About $20 to be exact.
   We like to keep the heat down to a reasonable but not balmy temperature.  As I mentioned I am often cold.  Between these throws, my robe, and my slippers I am a happy and cozy camper.  

  Ikea, is always one of my favorite places to visit.  Sometimes to shop and other times for inspiration, ( And the Swedish meatballs).  They have the best kitchen ware.  If you are a klutz like me, but don't want to drink wine out of a tumbler.  Have no fear, Ikea is here.  

$4.99 for 6 pack
 There is just something wonderful, comforting, and luxurious, about drinking a nice glass of wine with dinner, or on the porch with a friend, or sitting on the patio with your husband discussing the days events.  Something so simple, to feel so very pampered. 

  I will need to pick this back up tomorrow, but till then....What makes you happy?  Something small maybe?  Do you use it everyday?  I would love to hear from you!  

                                                      Blessings!  <3  Paula


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