Friday, January 14, 2011

About Me!

   I have been blogging for a while now and thought it was more than time that I introduced myself to everyone.  I copied this from my About Me page. 

This is me.  Paula.  I don't have many pictures of myself, because I am usually the one behind the camera. 

I took this picture with my web cam, the only other ones I had of me would NEVER be published ANYWHERE.........or were so old, I felt as though I was misrepresenting myself!

  I am a Christian SAHM, married to my High School Sweetheart, (who happens to be my best friend) and probably one of the most AWESOME men I have ever known!  

  Almost two years ago now, we sold our home that we lived in for 10 years. We  moved back to my childhood home to help take care of my Father who was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I am glad to say he is doing well and hasn't had to have chemo or radiation for almost a year now!  

  I was diagnosed with Grave's disease last December and then dislocated my knee cap last April.  I have been recovering from surgery to correct my knee since November......during which I have discovered the wonderful world of BLOGS!!  

  Things you should know about me......
  I homeschooled my children for 6 yrs.  This is their second year in the public school, and they are all doing exceedingly well.  I often think I might pull my Daughter back out to be home with her Mommy though.  She didn't get the same foundation her Brothers did.  Homeschooling my Children was the most rewarding experience of my life!  I get to say I taught my kids how to read, add and subtract, learn about God and the wonder of his creation, and instill a love for learning in each one of them. I miss it terribly.

  I used to Co-own a store with my lovely Auntie Sue (also my best friend) in Downtown Elgin, IL.  We sold all kinds of lovely creations.........hand painted furniture, pillows, homemade soaps, antique dishes, candle holders, hand crafted was a great little shop, but God had other plans.  

  My Husband was a worship leader at our old  church for 8 yrs.  We left that church over 5 yrs ago, and have struggled to find a base church ever since.  :(  

  I am not very "CRAFTY"  I would like to be.........but I find it very difficult.  I have issues with my hands, and I get impatient easily.

  I am not super "girlie"  don't get me wrong...I love femininity, I love looking at pastel homes, ruffles, crystal chandeliers, floral patterns, chintz, toile, and over the top (girlieness)  I also invent words....LOL!  But in my home I choose things that are more Masculine.  I find that to be comforting, practical ( with my two football playing boys you would know why)  and just more well........"me"  My tastes are ever changing though...........who knows, one day my whole house might be WHITE!  First I would need to get rid of all the kids and dogs though....  ;)   

  I practically attack my children when they come home!  I miss them sooo much!  (Then they get home and start bickering and I want them to go back to school)  Ahhh the joys of Motherhood.  I ask them a gillion 
What did you do today?
Do you have homework?
Did you have a good day or a bad one?
Who is your best friend?
Did you go outside for recess?
How was lunch?
What is your favorite part of the day?
Did you do anything FUN?
Did you talk to <insert friends name> about <such and such>?
Did you find out the grade on your test yet?
Do you have any papers for me?
Do you need money for lunches?
Are you following me............................I ask them about EVERYTHING!!!  and.........I Listen! 
  Lastly..........I am working diligently to find my way back into the arms of my first love.  To rekindle my love affair with the Creator, and nestle myself back into my Saviors arms.  This is probably my most challenging obstacle to face, because I am not fully certain how I lost touch with HIM in the first place.  My life used to be filled with abundant Joy and peace......then came the chaos, lately there is stillness and quiet.  You can read more about that here

   Things I love...........

  Thrift Store Shopping,Learning, Gardening, Baking, Cooking, EATING, Reading, The Bible, Christian radio, good music (that varies depending on my mood), My iPhone, Decorating, organizing, throwing things away or giving them to the goodwill, Painting Furniture, Entertaining, mercury glass, Mosaic tiles, anything sparkly, leather furniture, Autumn colors, paisley, tufting, wrought iron, oil rubbed bronze, bath tubs and bath oils, salts, or bubbles, Hanging out with the ladies in my life that make me  smile, spending loads of time with my kids, and last but not least getting quiet with my Husband, laying in his arms, and talking about EVERYTHING!  Best part of Every day is when I get to be alone with him.

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  1. Beautiful post. You sound like such a loving and kind person with a deep love of the Lord and your family. I'm sure the Lord is blessing you daily and has great plans for you and your children. I love a parent that is involved in their childrens lives. I miss when my children were small and every day I would get a blow by blow of the whole day. I loved that. Sweet memories and sweet times. Great post. Hugs, Marty


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