Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Valentine's Crafting Cuteness......

  Okay, I am not the craftiest person in the world.  But I had so much fun "making" the artwork in these frames!  I even recruited my Husband for a little help!

  Remember my Salvation Army picture frames I got before Christmas for 65 cents?  

  I added my scripture and artwork for Christmas......

  I really liked the placement of them here in the foyer!  I still think I need to "dirty" them up a bit.........but that's a project for another day.

  Anyway......I got it in my head that I should change out the "artwork" in them seasonally.  My Mother, Daughter, and I went to Michaels over the weekend.  I bought a few different types of scrapbook paper, some stickers, and printed the rest from the computer!  

 Here are the during and after photos.

I don't have a craft room........just a shared office.  Cramped is an understatement. 

My hubby set up the "copy" and cut it out for me.  I am not the greatest at precision cuts but with his extensive print and press background he was JUST the man for the job.

I cut out the graphic hearts from internet art and scapbook paper.

I have been out of the scrapbooking loop for years!  Michaels  had the coolest stickers.

This is what was on the wall for Christmas.  Now it is stowed behind my Valentine "art"

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C for Chris.  P for Paula.  M for Montalvo.  <3

Finished Product.  I am very pleased with myself.  :)
This was so much fun!  My best girlfriend suggested that we all get together and make Valentines for the girls to take to school instead of buying them..........Now I can't wait to do that too!!!  

  I think blogging and reading all the crafty blogs could be "dangerous"  :)  

  I am linking up with All Things Heart and Home  
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Blessings <3 Paula


  1. Love this craft idea! You did a fabulous job! I'm so thankful for your kind comments at my blog today and I look forward to following Jesus along with you!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love printing words and cutting them out. Beats paying $8 for stencils in one single font from Michaels.

    Those frames would look gorgeous spray painted black. I love what you did with them and they were super inexpensive! YAY!

  3. How wonderful! THe frames are so pretty and you created such great artwork!
    Thanks so much for linking to All Things inspired, I hope you come back every Wednesday and link your inspiration! I really love your blog-home! xo


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