Monday, January 24, 2011

My Rottweiler "Sugar"

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My kids are deffinately the love of my life, but my another love of my life, is my dog "Sugar" aka Kinjack's Rock Candy.

This is her on the far right of your screen.  With all the rest of her siblings.  Mom had a HUGE litter!

This is "Baby" aka Kinjack's Dirty Dancing.  Isn't she beautiful?  Sugar looks more like her Auntie "Missy" though.

Also her in the the basket to the far right.

This is "Grandma" aka her breeder teaching one of the pups to play "show dog"

I love the Rottweiler breed.  I will never own any other kind of dog.  That being is VERY important to do your homework, and buy from a reputable breeder.  My breeder is Eleanor Jackson, very well known in the Rottweiler world, and agreed to take me under her wing, and teach me about showing dogs.  

Her first dog show at 6 months old.  I was her handler and was VERY nervous.

I was so proud of her.  She did VERY well and took fourth place in Futurity!

  I showed her a handful of times afterward, and decided that it was just too much work!  I was not the greatest handler and didn't have the money to pay for professional handlers.  Not to mention, when I did she was gone from me for days and in a crate the whole time!  I love her too much for that!  

  Here are a few more Dog show pics before she retired before age two.  

If you know anything about dog shows you realize right now, what a terrible handler I am!  She should be looking SHARP and at the Judge right now.  Not at the other DOGS!!  Yeah, I really was a lousy handler.
Nowadays Sug spends her days lazin' about the house, playing with my kids, and guarding them with her life!  I would swear she thinks Lexi belongs to her!!!

I hope she is comfortable!  Don't mind the leather sofa Sugar!  Just make yourself at home!

She really is great with the kids.  She is their silent companion.  Always watching over them patiently, while they play Barbies on her back, use her like a pillow, and she even gets in on the action with Lexi and Tea parties!

She really likes getting her picture taken!  Can you tell?  I took this photo five times before I got her to stop sticking her head out the door way as I snapped the picture!  She is a real HAM!

Out in the snow, playing in the yard....I can't help but being awe inspired by her majestic beauty and keen senses.

She is instinctively gentle with my children, and loves when they tenderly embrace her.

A Few things about Rottweilers!

  In the wrong hands they can be lethal weapons.  They have the strongest bite force of any domesticated dog.

They are fiercely protective of their families.  Loyal almost to a fault.  Without proper training and any large are asking for BIG trouble!!

These dogs are not for the faint of heart!  Learn all you can before even considering them as an addition to your family.  If you want to learn more about this magnificent and versatile breed check out some of these links.  Medallion Rottweiler Club
Ameerican Rottweiler Club  

Here are a few GREAT books on the breed! And one on Showing.


  1. Sug is amazingly beautiful! That face is just perfect. I never knew that much about this breed. They do seem wonderful, however, like you point out, there must be a lot of good training. Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your heart with us.

  2. Hi Paula! Your dog is beautiful! I bet she is a great companion. What a neat experience to work as her handler. That's awesome that she placed 4th. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comments on my lamp.

  3. She sure is beautiful and seems to be such a lovebug! Thanks for sharing a part of your family with all of us.

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. She is very pretty! So cool to do the show circuit thing. I would not be into it either myself but it would be fun for an experience. Thanks for visiting and your comments on my valentines post! Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful Sug!! I'll bet she is just a "little" spoiled!! We have a large lab/shepard mix named Shadow. He is great, loving and smart/dumb at the same time!!! You are right, as a large dog they can be trouble if not handled correctly. He can hurt us just because he likes to give us a "hug" around our legs!


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