Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Exhaustion......

  I should be writing about all of the soul searching I have done over the past month or so, but instead all I can do is "Yawn".  After 2 weeks of late nights and up early, and then later nights and up (not so early)  I am exhausted!!  

  When preparing the kids to go back to school after Summer break, I start a week or so ahead of time waking the kids early and putting them to bed at their proper bed times.  Unfortunately, after the New Year school goes right back in with only a day or two for everyone to recover.  

  Around Midnight my Daughter came into my room telling me she couldn't sleep.  Her schedule is all turned around.  The boys also said they had a difficult time getting to sleep last night.....poor kids are going to have a rough day at school today.  Praying they are doing better than their Mother because they have youth on their side.  I certainly hope they don't end up looking like this.....

  After rising at 5:30 to get my oldest off to High School, I got the younger ones up and off to school, and out of some weird sense of obligation...........I went to the gym and swam laps in the pool to aid in the healing of my knee.  While I enjoyed it, I am paying for it now.  I can't muster the energy to do much else.....I have been drinking coffee reading blogs and waiting for the caffeine buzz to kick in!  At this point I think it is hopeless.  

  I have a GOOD feeling that everyone will be in bed before 9 tonight!  Happy New Year all........  :)


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