Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hobby Loby trip.

After my Mother brought my Father home from having cataract surgery and getting him comfy in bed, we decided to stop by Hobby Lobby.  

I brought home these great little treasures.

I have a slight obsession with all things monogrammed, and the birdies all over blog land are quickly becoming an obsession too.  :)

I  saw some of the cutest bunnies while shopping!

 This was my favorite!  I resisted the impulse to pick him up, and take him home.  Isn't he just the sweetest!?  My Mother thought I was loosing my mind.....Birds AND Bunnies?  I must be getting soft in my old age!  LOL

Typically this is the thing I go for.  Sorry for the awful iPhone picture.

I like large architectural items, old world, wrought iron, warm autumn colors, Tuscan inspired decor, traditional furniture with a contemporary twist, paisleys, men's suiting, tufting, bullion fringe, tassels, tailored, not frilly, or fussy.  How exactly does the bunny work with my style?  Not exactly sure!  But I sure did like him.  :0)

Maybe my tastes are changing?  Maybe after a long, hard, Chicago winter, I am just so looking forward to spring that bunnies and birdies are becoming irresistible!  Or maybe all you lovely ladies out in blogland are rubbing off on me???  Who knows.......

Blessings <3 Paula

P.S.   Since I don't have a headboard, I think I will be hanging the "M" above my bed, with a wall quote I bought a gillion years ago for my bedroom.  I wanted to make an upholstered headboard, but with my hubby currently looking at employment out of state I thought that I would put that project on hold.  I will show you tomorrow how it turned out!

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  1. Hi Paula
    You found some fun things at HL. I haven't been in awhile, but I may have to check out those little birds. So cute and springy!

  2. i love the little green birds. i'm addicted to birds. lol Thanks for sharing this at my party!

  3. You are like me...so many, too many, wonderful decor blogs that influence me in a hundred different ways! Discerning my own style can be tricky!
    Thanks sweet friend, for you kind words to me today on my blog. You are a blessing. So excited to hear about you using Ann's book for your study!

  4. My interior design tastes get jumbled up a bit, which is why I become totally paralyzed when it comes to decorating. We've just had a design done for our family room by Velvet and Linen (blog title). They took all my favorite design ideas and put together the most beautiful and cohesive room.

    The bunny will fit in somehow. "Make it work" as Tim Gunn would say. : )

  5. I was at Hobby Lobby just a couple of days ago. I bought some fabric!

  6. i think i go to HobLob 3 times a week. too much! lol

    i love anything with intials. ;)

    thanks for linking up to the SPRING FLING!

    happy weekend.


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