Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simple Pleasures 2

  Since I have been reading Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts 
I have been compelled to take photos of something each week that is beautiful, that brings joy, and ultimately I give thanks for!  
I am so glad that I found Dayle's blog as the perfect place to share these Simple Pleasures with you!

Project Simple Pleasures2

While shopping at Aldi of all places I spotted these roses, for $3.99 for a half dozen how could I resist?  I bought two bunches!  I placed them in a rectangular vase bought from Ikea years ago.  They are sitting on my bedside table, while I am reading my devotional or One Thousand Gifts, their lovely scent washes over me!  It is most definitely a simple pleasure!

After Bible study the other day, my two youngest children stayed in bed with me and started to rough house with each other!  Their giggles and impish laughter is also one of my greatest pleasures.  What could be more simple, than the laughter of children filling a room?
 One, a thing of elegance and beauty, with and intoxicating smell.
The other, raucous and exuberant JOY!
The two things are on opposite ends of the spectrum, however equal in their simplicity and  pleasure!
Be Blessed!  <3 Paula


  1. Oh the beauty of all these love love.xoxo

  2. Hi Paula,
    Your children sound terrific..and your roses are beautiful.
    I enjoyed the special times when my children came into my bed and talked and their children come into their beds and talk to them ........and so it goes.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  3. Such great simple pleasures. I love your photos of the roses, and the children- that is very special.

  4. Both wonderful simple pleasures...roses, and oh they have such great colors now, and then children's laughter!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!
    You are a very blessed woman to have your room perfumed by roses and laughter :-)

  6. Those roses are stunning! And the simple pleasure of laughter of your dc is a wonderful simple pleasure too.


  7. Two simple pleasures in one post. Love it! Those roses are spectacular. They remain my favorite flower.

    I'm glad you found our party, too. Perfect fit.

  8. I have been craving having some fresh cut flowers in this house. Yours almost satisfied the craving. They are SO beautiful!

    I agree with the simple pleasure of laughter. Especially when brothers & sisters bring it out of each other. That is so sweet.

    Wonderful simple pleasures! Hope you have a very blessed weekend!

  9. Thanks for your comment(s) on my "lavender" post! :) By the way, LOVE your blog design!


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