Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cupcakes and my Cutie

We made 36 cupcakes this evening for the Christmas party at school tomorrow, and to celebrate Lexi's birthday early.  We decided on White cake with White frosting.  There always seems to be a fuss when the kids need to make a decision between chocolate and vanilla, so we decided to simplify things for Lexi's teacher. 

I spread all of the frosting, and Lexi did all of the decorating.  She wanted to do the frosting, but kids want to lick their fingers when they get frosting on them.  (Heck, it is real hard for me to ignore that temptation too!)  So, I did the frosting, she applied the sprinkles and little toothpick toppers.

Lexi age 8 yrs and 362 days old! 

The finished product turned out pretty cute!  I asked her if she likes having a December birthday, and she told me, yes! I have always worried about that with her.  That her birthday might be overlooked with it being so close to Christmas.  She told me that she likes to get gifts on her birthday, and that she gets to open more gifts a week later!  She said that she tries not to ask for too many things because she realizes that her birthday and the holiday are so close, and that she likes that everything is pretty and decorated at her birthday!!  What a great kid, huh?  I don't know what I did to wind up with such awesome kids, but I can't ever get past the awe and gratitude I feel when I think about them.    


  1. what a cute helper you have...can a borrow her to make my cup cakes too! ;)
    ...and happy birthday to the cute helper too1

  2. I love that she loves all things domestic! I think she likes baking and decorating even more than I do. I will pass along the birthday wish. :)


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