Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Salvation Army finds Part 1

  Just out of curiosity my Mother, Daughter and I went to the local Salvation Army this evening.  I was hoping to maybe find a few things to decorate the house for Christmas, but thought with it being so close I probably wouldn't find much of anything.  To my surprise I came home with some of the BEST finds EVER!!  Also, all of their Christmas items were 50% off!  Merry Christmas to me.........

New in the box for only $6.95

Cake plate for $2.95 

Vintage glass ornaments were originally $1.65 I paid $.83
This was my MOST favorite find of the night!  Mercury glass Christmas tree.  Originally $1.63 and again because it was half off, I only paid $.83!!!!  Can you believe that??!!
A little mercury glass sphere!  It is hollow in the middle but to deep to be a candle holder....but I figured I could put it to good use! For $.95 how could I pass it up??

  All of the lovely blogs I a have been reading have inspired me.  So here is how I put them to use...............

I forgot to mention that I also found a bag of the plastic "snow" at the Salvation Army.  I paid 30 cents for the bag.  The candle is from Target.

The ornaments I purchased filled the smaller hurricane vase perfectly.
I bought a box of candy canes for a dollar.
This is how it turned out.  It is on top of the fridge in the family room.  My husband loves it, because it is simple and elegant!

I like this photo the best.  The flash washes out all the other pictures, but it gets real blurry when I try without the flash.  This was the only one that turned out well.

 I have a few other fun finds, but will need to save those for another day. I will do my best to get up pictures of the trees the kids decorated soon.  Hopefully before Christmas is over....Blessings!  <3


  1. fabulous finds!!! great decor with so little money input...fabulous!

  2. Thanks! I was in heaven, I haven't even put up the rest of my finds yet! Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow sometime. <3

  3. Oh my goodness, you found the most wonderful treasures. I love the vignette that you've created with them. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining TTT and I hope you have a very Blessed Christmas. Hugs, Marty


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