Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Calm before the storm...

  If you all have been watching the news, you know Chicagoland is about to get hammered with a blizzard.  I wasn't  born in 1967, when Chicago got a blizzard of this proportion previously....but from what I hear this storm is going to be considerably worse.

  Chicagoans, generally speaking are not phased by bad weather, it is a lifestyle here.  It rains, sleets, hails, snows, it is blazing hot, and freezing cold.  We get our fair share of tornadoes too.  

  Everyone is getting mad, because the news media is making such a big deal out of it.  Typical Chicagoan "can do" attitude.  We are unimpressed by three feet of snow.  It will be an inconvenience of course, but we will bring out the plows, snowblowers, shovels, and salt, and in a day or two you would never know it was this bad to begin with.  

  The blizzard is supposed to start around 3pm this afternoon, everyone is currently at work and at school.  Most people's evening drive will take them 3 or more hours to get home if they don't leave before the storm.  But I guarantee the expressways and tollways will be a parking lot this evening.  

  As we are looking to move out of state, while my husband pursues work.  These are some of the character traits I would desperately miss, if we have to leave the state I was born in.  But then again, it might be nice to slow down for change......

I will post pictures tomorrow and let you see if the media hype is all it was worth!



  1. Hey Paula, thanks for stopping by, thank you the lovely comment, You should see all the cool old pictures I have, And yes I remember this storm well I was 17 and my friend and I was out driving in it how crazy was that, I slid into a woman that was walking in the street thank God she wasn't hurt... I'm not sure why we where even out in it. Love your blog and now am a follower. stay warm and hang on we are in for one more round....


  2. Stupid me I was not 17 in 1967, read it wrong, it was the Blizzard of 76 , Dang making myself older that what I am... see what this weather can do to us...



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