Wednesday, February 2, 2011


  Well....the blizzard came, and it was BAD.  There is no school today.  Most people are home from work.  We got the call that their isn't any school tomorrow either.  But I am sure they will be back Friday.  Currently it is around 2 pm and my Husband and kids are helping our last neighbor get the bottom of his driveway cleared.  

  I think all will return to normal in the next 24 hrs....even if it should shut us down, the hard headed Chicagoans won't let it.....Nothing ever seems to phase them.  Here are my pics.

  I will say this much...,.I love my neighborhood.  Super grateful to be back where I grew up and everyone helps one another!    

  Be Blessed!



  1. Holly crap... it's bad here too Paula, but not like your neck of the woods. I ran out of paint with 1/4 of one wall not done so not sure when I can go out and get more :( stay warm and cozy.


  2. That is unbelievable. If we got that much snow, all life would stop for a month.
    I am visiting some of the "newbie blogs" from Debbiedoos hop. It's nice to meet you.

  3. I was very happy for my 4X4 truck when I had to get around the 2 jack-knifed semis in the middle of Rte. 47 that morning while driving through 18 inches of snow. Good Times!

  4. Hey girl I had some glitches in my blog so I had to recreate a new one will you please come follow me there its thanks!!


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